Marksmen or Sharpshooters are heroes who are known for their skill and incredible aim with ranged weapons, such as guns, bows or throwing weapons like shuriken. These heroes specialize in what is known as precision aiming to defeat their enemies. Marksmen almost always hit exactly what they're aiming at and when they don't it's usually because they get distracted or because the target sees it coming and dodges out of the way, the chances of which are pretty slim. This makes them formidable opponents and some can even manage to be One-Man Armies. Katniss Everdeen, Riza Hawkeye and Thane Krios are all perfect examples of this type of hero. Oddly enough, some Marksmen can also qualify as Pacifists. These characters use their marksmanship to disarm their opponents, rendering them defenceless without killing them. A perfect example of this is Vash The Stampede.

Note: To qualify for this category, a character MUST have displayed at least one feat of impressive marksmanship. Don't put just any character who uses ranged weapons here. For more information on characters who qualify, refer to Improbable Aiming Skills on

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