Heroes who has saved multiple people. These heroes has done their heroic feats on many levels: ◾Possession Savers: They protects valious treasures and/or possessions from greedy people. The most famous example is Indiana Jones. ◾Mind-Saver: Heroes dedicated to restore damaged minds of people with psychological problems or victims of brainwashing. One good example would be Batman, who is an expert in criminal psychology. ◾Health Saver: They are dedicated to fight against disease, wounds, bad habits and/or all kinds of health problems. The most notable case is Doctor Dolittle, who prevents the discomfort of both people and animals. ◾Soul Saver: Heroes who have freed those whose souls have been cursed or those heroes who have redeemed someone who has been evil. Two examples include Tirion Fordring; who used Ashbringer to shatter the Lich King's Sword, Frostmorne to free the souls impriosned by it and Luke Skywalker; who was able to redeem his father and have him renounce his loyalty to his master, Emperor Palpatine. ◾Child Saver: These heroes watch over the lives of people aged 0 to 12 years. Maleficent is a good example because she has protected Aurora throughout her life. ◾Life Saver: Heroes who have saved the life of a person or several people. Minions, for example, have saved both the lives of Margo, Edith and Agnes and their boss, Gru. ◾Family Savers: They have rescued all a family. That's the example of Pubert Addams, who saved his family from Debbie Jellinsky. ◾Animal Saver: Heroes who have saved animals for hunting, smuggling, pollution and/or animal cruelty. Two good examples would be Pongo and Perdita, who saved ninety-nine dogs (including their sons and daughters) from being turned into fur coats by Cruella De Vil. ◾Species Saver: This type is dedicated to protect species from extinction or any other misfortune. Eddie Valiant is the best example because he saved toons for being dissolved in Judge Doom's Dip. ◾Nature Saver: These heroes have contributed to environment saving forests, seas and/or deserts. Linda Gunderson and Tulio Monteiro would be two notable examples because they prevented Amazonas deforestation. ◾Location Saver: They fight for protect a determined area. Perry the Platypus, for example, is always saving Tri-State Area from Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz. ◾Kingdom Savers: They have saved a kingdom from destruction, tyranny, invaders or any other threat to them. One good example would be Mario, who protects Mushroom Kingdom from his archenemy Bowser. ◾Festivity Saver: These heroes are very famous for have saved a festivity so important for people. Normally, festivity saved by them is Christmas, reason why Jack Skellington would be a good example of this type. ◾Planet Saver: Heroes who protects their planet from a threat, normally alien or simply caused by a villain from their home. Superman is a good example. ◾Reality Saver: These type has the job to restore a reality altered by his or her enemies or also preventing its destruction. The most notable case is Marty McFly, who restored dark 1985 created by Biff Tannen. ◾World Saver: This term makes reference to heroes who protects their respective world that could be a kingdom, a planet, a galaxy, a dimension, an universe or the same cosmos. Bloom, for example, fights to save the Magic Dimension. ◾Cosmos Saver: Heroes who have often or in the end save the Cosmos, the Multiverse or even the Omniverse. They live from a villain who is out to conquer or destroy the respective Cosmos. Ben Tennyson is an example where he uses the Omnitrix to protect and save the Omniverse from any threat.

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