Passively Empathetic heroes are a rare and unique type of hero that is a mixture of The Messiah and Outright Heroes. Although Outright Heroes may try to rid their homeland of crime and villainy, these heroes sometimes show pity for their adversaries' condition, whether it be tragic or otherwise. These heroes may show their opponents certain levels of respect, follow a certain set of guidelines, or have particular feelings of reverence towards the antagonist, yet still be passionate of their beliefs. They can be recognizable by these terms:

  • The Humble Hero: A special kind of hero who just doesn't care about their great power, or the fact that they're a world famous adventurer, or the idol of millions, and so on. Also, this hero may show empathy for the tragic villain, even though they don't approve of their methods. They can be very compassionate towards those who feel their plight as they did. A perfect example would be Ratchet, who just doesn't care that he's an amazing hero and feels empathy towards the Prog sibling's situation, due to being able to understand it.
  • Friends of the Villain: Heroes that used to be friends with others that descend of the path of darkness, may show genuine empathy for them. They won't hesitate to try to bring their former allies back to their side and to reconnect with them. In other words, they may show sadness for losing their friends to evil. Essentially, they are the opposite of a Corrupting Influence. Good examples include Charles Xavier and Luke Skywalker.

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