The Toad Empire are the first Arc villians of the Dave Felis' Adventures Series.

they are a fascist, aggressive empire formed by KOMPLEX following his total takeover of the Toad Homeworld Gamma. Its original symbol is a skull and crossbones, but later created a new logo when Well-Done freed them from prison.

They were formerly harmless race in the universe. They created an artificial intelligence program that controlled interest rates. Unfortunately, the program, later named itself Komplex, brainwashed the toads and formed a military aggresion to have total toad domination of the Aniverse. They also detroy planets, such as Mugen and Volmis and the almost extinction of the Seijuujins. Komplex had almost conquer Earth through the use of Hollywood and then again in the North Pole. But they were foiled by Dave Felis, one of the other survivors of Mugen and were placed in the north pole prison of the Naughty. However, they were freed by a burger brigade clone Well-Done and gave them the Shredder's mutagen which made the Toad soldiers turn into mutants based off of VR Troopers. They still plan on conquering Earth and the entire universes.

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