Debo Batissier

Cavity is one of Sledge's outlaws in Power Rangers Dino Charge.


Cavity, seems a cheerful and happy-go-lucky outlaw, more than willing to carry out orders from Poisandra and Curio. However, as soon as he is given a mission, he forsakes any respect for anyone but Sledge and follows his orders out to the letter and reveals his true evil self. 

Powers and Weapons

  • Cavity is a skilled cake baker, able to create cakes perfectly in his ideals. But since his true reputation is a criminal rather than a baker, his cakes are capable of decaying teeth with the decayed area glows purple and delivered an intense pain to the victims.
  • From his rotten teeth, he can fire beams that capable of decaying his target's teeth.
  • His Hands are an egg beater and a pastry shooter