This is how Celebrating and Thunderwing talks to Twilight goes in The Cutie Map.

[At Twilight's castle, we see the ponies and Autobots celebrating]

[Twilight is walking when she suddenly stops and looks at her hooves]

Thunderwing: [in Twilight's mind] It is a matter of time before anyone discovers all is not right with you, Twilight. I must reclaim my body which means taking complete and total control of yours.

[The screen fades to black]

[Rarity and Twilight are taking a walk]

Rarity: Bumblebee has asked me to go on patrol with him.

Twilight Sparkle: Wow. You are lucky to have a friend like him, Rarity.

Rarity: I know.

[Twilight stops as she gets a flashback of the last battle with Thunderwing]

[The flashback shows Twilight and Thunderwing fighting until Twilight blast Thunderwing with a powerful beam of magic, obliterating him. In reality]

Rarity: Twilight?

[Twilight then rears back and fires a beam of magic at Rarity who dodges it]

[Twilight is walking when she stops]

Thunderwing: [in Twilight's mind] If I am to return to my body, I must first restore its functionality. How did I escape annhililation?

[He has a flashback which shows the Dark Energon in Thunderwing's chest being pulled out by Dreadwing]

Thunderwing: Of course. Dark Energon.

[The flashback shows Dreadwing grinning]

Thunderwing: Dreadwing.

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