All our Heroes has comes out of the Portal and Everybody is Cheering to them

X-PO: You guys did it! Lord Vortech has been removed from our reality. Now he's some OTHER reality's problem.

Batman: Good. Trapped for the rest of time wiht only himself for company.

Gandalf: A fitting fate, for such a twisted mind.

Wyldstyle: Where's the Doctor and Ryan

Cody: Where are they? Are they ok?

Sunset Shimmer: They are over there.

Cody: I meant the Last one.

Then the 12th Doctor appears

12 Doctor: I've been here for ages. What took you so long.

Cody: Wait! Ryan. Where is he?

12th Doctor: I think ge is here. Look.

They saw him unconscious

Cody: Ryan! No... why does Ryan lost to the darkness? I never be able to forgive myself.

Ryan get up and he's back to normal

Ryan: [groans] What happened?

Meg: Ryan!

Cody: You're ok! Thank Primus.

Ryan: I'm back to my normal self?

X-PO: The Doctor said something will happen to you and your power. That means you're back to normal, and your dark powers are gone inside you. You're free from the Darkness.

Ryan: Really? I'm finally free.

Cody: Aren't you gonna take your coat off?

He removed the black coat on him

Cody: Why would you wear it?

Ryan: Because, I need this to protect myself from the darkness.

Emmet: His optics don't lie, Sora.

Sora: Lie? What is it you are trying to fool, Ryan. Huh? Huh?

Ryan: Myself.

Sora: What?

Ryan: I remember Riku taught me to use my dark powers. Even, when I know my darkness is gone. Someone else will control it.

Evil Ryan: Cool. You got light again.

Ryan: I know. Let me try to open a dark portal to take Sora home.

But nothing happened

Ryan: Huh?

Fuyunyan: You don't belong in the dark world anymore, Ryan-kun.

Ryan: Yeah. How am I supose to face everyone like the Alpha Gang?

Fuyunyan: You should master your light powers with your brother. Back to Canterlot High.

Ryan: I think so.

Sci-Ryan: You, Meg and Cody will go back to your own world now. I got some stuff at Crystal Prep.

Everyone is Cheering to our Heroes

Meanwhile at Middle Earth

Sam: Don't worry, he'll be back aaany minute now. Any minute. He'll be back any minute now... any minute.

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