Celebration of Barney is a Charlie Brown and Snoopy's Adventures Chronicles episode to appear in YouTube or Google Drive in the near future.


Barney is having a special celebration and the Peanuts and VeggieTales gang have to help up. Elsa shows up in the party and sings "Once Upon a December" (with Anastasia's voice and permission). Then she thanks Barney before she leaves.


  • "Be Our Guest" (Disney on Ice version) - Lumiere
  • "That's Why We're Here" - Woody and the rest
  • "Just Imagine" (An Adventure in Make Believe version) - Barney and the rest
  • "Big Things Too" - Junior Asparagus
  • "Once Upon a December" - Elsa the Snow Queen
  • "I Love You" (1991 - 1995 version) - Barney and the rest


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