This is how Celestia becomes Makuta's queen goes in The Rise of Daybreaker.


Princess Celestia: Hope this works.

[She hears a noise]

Princess Celestia: Huh? What's that I'm hearing?

[A poison vine appears]

Princess Celestia: Ahh! A poison vine! Get away!

[The poison vine sprays her and she starts coughing]

[Celestia coughs five times and begins to feel woozy and starts to pass out]

Princess Celestia: [weakly] I have to.... [coughs] save... [coughs] the Wheel... [coughs] of... Harmo...

[Celestia collapses unconscious as her mane and tail land on the floor, each facing a different direction, and the poison vine recoils]

[The Plunder Vines start wrapping themselves around the unconscious Celestia]

[Minutes later, Celestia wakes up and feels something tugging on her as her mane and tail continue to sway in two directions]

Princess Celestia: What happened? And why am I tied up?

[She suddenly realizes]

Princess Celestia: Oh no! Makuta has set a trap!

Makuta: Yes. Thanks to my Plunder Vines, they got you right where they want you.

Princess Celestia: Let me go, Makuta! You're corrupting the Wheel of Harmony with Dark Energon.

Makuta: Seems I haven't given you enough information about my evil plan. You see, not only do I want to take control of the Wheel of Harmony, but I want to use it to make you my Dark Queen.

Princess Celestia: Dark Queen? You planned this?!

Makuta: Yes, Princess Celestia. Soon you will succumb to the Plunder Vines' Dark Energon.

Princess Celestia: What are you going to do to me?!

Makuta: You'll see.

Princess Celestia: Please, Makuta, let me go!

[The transformation begins]

[The vines close around Celestia]

Princess Celestia: Twilight, Optimus, do something! The Plunder Vines are draining my magic and I can't do anything to stop it!

[The vines start draining Celestia's magic as a yellow aura surrounds her]

[The yellow aura gets brighter and brighter as the vines drain Celestia's magic]

[The vines wrap themselves around her]

Princess Celestia: Hurry! The dark energy from the vines is taking over my body!

[The vines completely enclose her within them]

Princess Celestia: Twilight!

[A flash of light happens]

Princess Celestia: NOOOOOOO!

[The light fades and Celestia's mane and tail turn to flames and her cutie mark becomes a burning sun and her eyes turn dark red with yellow pupils and her hoof guards grow longer turning orange and her crown becomes a helmet and her chestplate turns the same color and her wings grow bigger with more feathers]

[Daybreaker appears]

Daybreaker: [laughing] Oh yes. I can feel dark energy flowing through my veins!

Makuta: It worked. The transformation worked. I can sense a lot of energy coming from you.

Daybreaker: And it was all thanks to you, Makuta.

Makuta: Interesting.

Daybreaker: What have we here? The Decepticons. Mind if I use them for evil?

Makuta: They're all yours. Soon, you will be unstoppable.

Daybreaker: So, where do we start?

Makuta: A good place to start is by making daytime last for eternity.

Daybreaker: Just the way I like it. Hot and sunny.

Makuta: This is gonna be fun, Celestia. Wait, I have another name for you. Since you are evil and my queen, I will call you Queen Daymare Sun.

Daybreaker: Queen Daymare Sun? How about Queen Daybreaker?

[They grin]

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