This is how Celestia turns to Makuta for help goes in The NEXO Pony Knights.

[Celestia arrives in the Shadow Realm and flies towards Makuta's castle. She lands and knocks on the door]

Princess Celestia: It's me Princess Celestia. I demand to see Makuta.

[Makuta opens the door]

Makuta: Ah, Celestia. Please come in.

[She comes in and they sit near a fireplace]

Princess Celestia: I need your help Makuta.

Makuta: Why?

Princess Celestia: My sun is loosing it's light.

Makuta: How come?

Princess Celestia: You see, my subjects don't admire it like they used to and I realized that you were the only one who could help.

Makuta: Why, yes. Anything for you.

Princess Celestia: Really?

Makuta: Yes.

[Makuta leads her to storage chamber]

Princess Celestia: A storage chamber?

Makuta: In here, you will find what you need.

Princess Celestia: To keep my sun shining?

Makuta: Yes.

Princess Celestia: Thank you.

Makuta: You are most welcome.

[Celestia levitates a fiery helmet out of the storage chamber]

Princess Celestia: What's this?

Makuta: It is what you have been looking for.

Princess Celestia: Are you sure?

Makuta: Yeah.

[She goes to put it on then stops]

Princess Celestia: Are you sure about this?

Makuta: Just put it on.

[Celestia does so and she turns into her evil alter-ego Daybreaker]

Daybreaker: [evil laugh]

Makuta: Yes. The sidekick I was looking for has been born.

Daybreaker: Indeed I have.

Makuta: You predicted that Celestia would turn into you and you were right.

Daybreaker: And through my reign, daytime lasts forever!

Makuta: And with my power and your magic, we could rule this land with you as my queen.

Daybreaker: I would love that.

Makuta: Very well.

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