This is how Celestia vs Twilight goes in Sideswipe's Sirenix.

[Celestia stands near some doors]

Princess Celestia: Go on. I'm going to find Twilight.

[She turns]

[The engines fire up]

Strongarm: [to Celestia] The blast doors to the command center are locked!

[Celestia looks down as the ship leaves]

[Princess Celestia approaches a cloud of smoke]

Princess Celestia: Twilight?

[Twilight, the Element of Magic still on her head, emerges from the smoke]

Twilight Sparkle: I've been waiting.

Princess Celestia: Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle: What... took... you so long?

[Twilight strains and grasps her head in pain]

Twilight Sparkle: What did he DO to me?

[Flashback to Umarak turning Twilight evil]

Umarak the Hunter: And some lingering remnants of her memory and personality. But without my acknowledgement, she would be utterly mindless. An ordinary Alicorn! An ordinary Alicorn...

[End of flashback]

[Twilight continues to strain. Celestia approaches and helps Twilight]

Princess Celestia: You're very sick. Let me help.

Twilight Sparkle: I... have... to--- [fires at Celestia, throwing her back]

Princess Celestia: I don't want to fight you.

Twilight Sparkle: Then... stop me!

Princess Celestia: But how? What should I do?

Twilight Sparkle: Please Celestia!

[Twilight blasts Celestia with magic and she fires back. Smoke fills the room. Twilight strains again]

Twilight Sparkle: No... no!

[Celestia shoots her]

Princess Celestia: This is no time for games Twilight!

Twilight Sparkle: Not... a game! Element of Magic makes me too strong!

[Twilight gets up]

Princess Celestia: That I can see.

[Twilight pins her down]

Twilight Sparkle: If you lose -- Autobots.... all... destroyed!

[Celestia crinches in pain]

Princess Celestia: Thanks for the tip!

[Celestia groans]

[Celestia tosses Twilight across the room and Twilight hits a wall. Celestia approaches Twilight]

Princess Celestia: Twilight, we can save you.

[Twilight groans painfully and blasts Celestia with magic. Celestia hits a wall. Twilight approaches]

Twilight Sparkle: You... should... have... finished me.

Princess Celestia: If I did, the Magic of Friendship would be lost forever.

[Twilight prepares to fire. Celestia slumps to the floor. The Element of Magic flares, successfully overriding Umarak's dark energy]

Twilight Sparkle: Until... all... are.... one!

[She removes the dark orb]

Twilight Sparkle: A monster. He made me... a weapon... to destroy the very ones... I loved in life.

[Twilight places it on Celestia's horn]

Twilight Sparkle: But you can still save them, Princess Celestia.

[Twilight leaves]

[Princess Celestia groans in pain]

[Princess Luna arrives]

Princess Luna: Tia.

[Luna approaches]

Princess Luna: Are you alright?

Princess Celestia: I think so.

Princess Luna: Let's hurry.

[She helps her up]

[Twilight looks at Umarak's fast approaching ship]

Twilight Sparkle: Princess Twilight Sparkle to Autobot fleet. Return to Canterlot. That is my final command.

[The Autobot fleet move to Canterlot]

Shadow Spawn: What?

Umarak the Hunter: The Autobot fleet is escaping!

Shadow Spawn #2: And their flagship is on a collision trajectory for the detonator!

Umarak the Hunter: Direct all firepower on the flagship. Obliterate it!

[Umarak does his worst, to no avail; Twilight remains in her seat even as the explosions happen]

[Umarak and the Shadow Spawns look shocked]

Shadow Spawn: It's not stopping!

Umarak the Hunter: No Autobot or pony could survive that.

[Twilight stares on]

Twilight Sparkle: Until all... are.... one...

[The flagship arrives]

[The Autobots arrive]

[Luna and Celestia appear]

[Sideswipe hugs Twilight]

[Twilight smiles at him]

Sideswipe: You okay?

Twilight Sparkle: Yeah.

[They smile]

[Umarak watches]

Umarak the Hunter: Until next time, I'm gone.

[He travels through shadow]

[Sideswipe holds a Winx pendant]

Sideswipe: The Winx gave it to me.

[He puts it on his neck]

Sideswipe: I promised them that I would never let it's light go out.

[Twilight smiles]

[Sideswipe stares at the other Autobots]

Sideswipe: We all must protect it.

[They nod]

[Sideswipe stars into deep space]

[The episode ends]

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