Here's how the car chase goes in Wrath of the Century.

[we then return to Joe Lamb and his friends]

Carey: What do you think was on that train?

Martin: Shut up.

Carey: I'm just saying, because of that transformer causing it to crash. You guys weren't wondering that?

Preston: No, I'm trying to forget about that train crash.

Charles: I was wondering about that too, I heard that it looked like a villain Brian, Thomas, and Twilight faced before.

Preston: Steel beams? Weights a ton.

Martin: I don't know how you guys can eat.

Carey: These turkey roles are pretty good.

Charles: Told ya.

[In the garage]

Thomas: Joe. I owe you my life, but [takes a bullet out of his chest and flicks it] why are you and your friends helping me?

Joe: Because you've helped us when we first met remember?

Thomas: [chuckles] Yes, I do.

[Then we see Shutdown transforming and climbs on a seed tower]

[then shortly we see a line of cars driving in]

Alice: Joe!

Joe Lamb: [comes out]

[the cars stop and Savoy and his squad come out]

Savoy: Mr. Lamb, my name is James Savoy. I'm a federal agent. My men and I are tracking down a tank engine.

[Some of the group come to the house]

Savoy: It's a nice spread you got here. Too bad she's for sale.

Joe: It's not for sale!

Savoy: Afraid not. You know, Mr. Lamb, we received a call from someone concerned about a tank engine.

Joe: Tank engine? What tank engine?

Savoy: The kind that coast American lives. Search the property!

[The crew does so]

Joe: What do you mean "Search the property"? You don't have a warrant. My father is a police officer!

Martin: Wait. But if you guys do find a tank engine, we get a reward, right?

Pilot: [on radio] Viper 15 holding, point alpha.

[The drones start searching]

Agent: Charlie team, hold tight.

Agent: Lock it down.

[Some soilders come in the garage to find nothing]

Black soilder: Let's go. There's nothing here.

[Soilders continue searching]

Black Soilder: No signs. We got nothing.

Joe: Savoy. Mr. Savoy! There is no train on our property! He left!

Attinger: Him. [throws an apple] He said "Him". He knows where that idiot is!

Savoy: Mr. Lamb.

Joe: What?

Savoy: Excuse me. [takes off his glasses] You just said "Him". Take him down.

Joe Lamb: What?

Alice: Ow! Hey let me go!

Joe Lamb: Stop it!

Savoy: [slaps him]

Joe: UH!!

Charles: Joe!

Solider: Shut it fatboy!

Savoy: What kind of kid shows free will? Get pretty boy out of my sight.

[soldiers throw Charles to ground and they put rifles at him]

Attinger: Savoy. Use the girl.

Alice: Oh, my God! [thrown on wagon]

Savoy: [kneels down and cocks his pistol] Now, you got ten seconds. Where's the truck?

Joe Lamb: You're gonna shoot her?

Savoy: If I have to.

Alice: Please don't shoot me! Please!

Joe Lamb: Look, I don't know.  I told you everything that I know, I swear to God! Just let her go!

Alice: Please! Please!

Joe Lamb: He was in there! Let her go!

Savoy: Seven seconds.

Joe Lamb: I'm telling you the truth!

Alice: Joe!

Joe Lamb: Tell him to get away from Alice, now!

[But unknown to anyone, Kyle Reese is hidden amongst the group.]

Kyle Reese: [throws his coat asside and cocks his shotgun]

[While, inside an old garage is Thomas is hearing what's going on outside]

Alice: [crying] Joe! HELP!!

Joe Lamb: You touch her and I'll kill you!


Savoy: You got two seconds.

Brian: [watches, gets his lightsaber]

Attinger: I need the truth.

Alice: Please.

Savoy: Shoot her.

Alice: [crying]

Kyle Reese: [fires his shotgun and hits the soldier gunpointing Alice and then he shoots some of the other soldiers]

[then Thomas bursts out of the garage]

Thomas: Here I am! [fires iron blaster]

Brian: [jumps out and activates his lightsaber] YAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! [starts killing Cemetery Wind soldiers]

Joe Lamb: Get down!

Thomas: Joe! Guys! They're going to kill you! Get out of here!

[Lockdown is firing rockets]

Soldier: Push right! Headed to the house!

[Then the T-850 drives in with his pickup and rams several soldiers and then hits a builder, he then steps out and joins the battle]

["His Name is Shane and He Drives" starts playing]

Kyle Reese: [races to Joe and his friends] Come with me if you wanna live.

Brian: [deflecting bullet shots] Joe, go! I'll cover you!

Joe: Get in!

[They hop in the car and Brian jumps on top of it]

{The T-850 then hops on a parked Police motorcycle and drives after them]

Savoy: Perimeter, Thomas moving your way!

[rockets fire but miss Thomas, and we see Lockdown driving]

Charles: Who are those guys?! Thery're really scary, and who are you?!

Kyle Reese: I'm Reese. Sargant techcom. I was sent to rescue you guys! Those men are Cemetary Wind! A Black-Ops team that kills Trainbots and anyone who knows about them!

Carey: And who's that?!

[It shows Plnakton driving a crane]

Plankton: [cackles] Hello kids and Kyle Reese!

Brian: It's Plankton!

Kyle Reese: Hang on!

[then several Cemetery Wind vehicles drive in]


[the T-850 then starts tailing the crane and then starts firing his shotgun at it]

Plankton: Whoa!

[he then swings out the crane hook and then knocks the T-850 off the motorcycle]

[But the T-850 hangs on the hook]

Plankton: [looks in the side mirror and sees him] You! [he then starts swinging the crane hook back and forth trying to shake him loose]

[the chase continues on]

Joe Lamb: There's another one coming up the back! You gotta try to lose them!

Kyle Reese: Hold on tight!

[he does zig-zag driving]

Plankton: [continues to swing the hook but then he knocks over one of the Cemetery Wind vehicles by mistake]

[Plankton continues trying to shake the T-850 off, but to no avail]

Charles; Whoa, that is one strong man,

Kyle Reese: It's not a man, it's a machine. Terminator.

Alice: A machine? You mean like a robot?

Kyle Reese: Not a robot, a cyborg.

[then Plankton sees a firetruck approaching]

Plankton: So long, creep!

[he swings the hook at the truck and the T-850 is knocked off]

Agent on radio: Throw 'em some warning shots!

[Gatling gun fires]

Martin: AAAAAAHHHHH!!! GUNS!!!! 

[then Percy and Lady (who is still acting strong) drive out from around the corner]

Brian: [sees them] Percy!!

Percy: Girls! We need to take out those vehicles!

Human Rainbow: Right! [fires]

[we then view the firetruck the T-850 hit]

T-850: [removes his shades] I'll drive. [he then turns the truck around as the firemen hop out except one] Get out.

[he does so]

T-850: [shifts into higher gear and heads back for the chase]

[back to the chase Cemetery Wind soldiers continue fire at Reese's vehicle]

Kyle Keese: DRIVE!!!

[Alice grabs the wheel as Kyle Reese leans out and returns fire with his shotgun]

Human Applejack: So long, ya' good fer' nothin' varmits! [fires her coachgun]

[the shots hit one of the vehicles and it spirils out of control and then crashes]

[but then the crane drives back in (hitting another Cemetery Wind vehicle)]

Plankton: You won't escape me!

Lady: [fires her own gun at the soldiers, just as the T-850 starts catching up]

T-850: [starts slamming the firetruck into the crane]

Plankton: HUH?! [sees him} Stupid guy, I'll get rid of him. [into radio] Hit that firetruck with a rocket!

Lockdown: [fires more rockets]

[just as the firetruck slams back inthe the crane, the T-850 jumps on, as the truck is blown up by the rockets]

Charles: [screaming]

T-850: Excuse me.

Plankton: Huh?

[the T-850 then throws Plankton out of the cab with a fire-ax]

Plankton: AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!

[then hes run over by several of the pursuing veihcles]

Plankton: OW!! OW!!! AAAAHHH!!! AAHHH!!!

[then the T-850 sees a manhole cover ahead, then timing it just, right he drop the hook into it. The cable then starts reeling out. He then jumps from the crane and lands on Percy's cabroof, then climbs in]

[Thomas then joins the group, then the crane's cable reaches the end and then the whole thing flips! the crane lands on its side and then the remain Cemetery Wind vehicles crash into it]

Preston: Whoa!

[Percy, Thomas, Lady, and the others then make their escape.]

Attinger: [on walkie talkie] "I bet you wish, you could see my face right now". [throws a phone]

[they stop at an old truck stop]

Lady: Guys.. [collapses]

Percy: LADY!!!

Thomas: [sees the stung spot] What happened?

Percy: Some scorpion, worm thing attack the girls, me and Lady intercepted and she got stung by it.

Lady: Percy, I can't walk.

Percy: Stay down.

Lady: [groaning]

Thomas: Stay here. I'm gonna get a flatbed. And I'm gonna make sure we aren't followed as well. [as Optimus] We are all targets now. [transforms and drives off]

Percy: Hurry, Thomas.

Lady: [groaning]