This is how Cerise Hood vs. Starscream goes in Breakout.

[In the Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) world, Cerise looks around and saw Starscream]

Cerise Hood: Hey, Con. Where are your master is? Shopping?

Starscream: What is it that you are the Ever After High Rebel.

Cerise Hood: Umm. Yeah. My boyfriend, Ryrise Hood got a Keyblade. [winks an eye at the camera]

Starscream: Well. I got this. [brings out the Dark Star Saber] The Dark Star Saber.

Cerise Hood: That's a weapon?

Starscream: It was foraged by Megatron. With the Magic from the Evil Queen, I can get revenge on Derek and a girl with a pink hat for killing Rothbart. But, with this as well, I can conquer galaxies. Hmm. But, not powered up completely.

[He swings his weapon and Cerise dodges out of the way]

Cerise Hood: Looks like it resists you.

[Cerise runs around Starscream]

Cerise Hood: What's the matter? Cat got your tounge?

Starscream: You really make my spark burn.

Cerise Hood: Super Gekko mussels! [her gloves glow and puches Starscream in the chest] You ok?

Starscream: Stay still!

[Cerise dodges Starscream's attacks and she laughs]

Cerise Hood: The only thing you're having revenge on is Time. [laughs]

[Starscream growls then Cerise hides]

Starscream: Is she playing hide and seek?

[He looks around. Unbeknownst to him, Cerire puts a blindfold on Starscream's eyes and howls]

Starscream: Uhh. Steeljaw? W-w-was that you?


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