This is the transcript of Championing a Research Battle in Team Robot In Pokemon XY The Series.

(The episode begins with Anistar City gym)

Diantha: A Kalos disaster...

Merlin: But it can't be!

Olympia: What form it will take is not clear. But still, I thought it would be best to warn you, as the vision I had showed this swirling green flame consuming everyone and everything. It will affected people and Pokemon alike through the entire Kalos Region.

Diantha: And you say, Ash, Emerl, Tai and their friends are somehow involved. I'd like to please ask you just one more thing. What is the deep green eyes you saw?

Olympia: What I foresaw was this. Behold!

(A green aura swirls around into the image of Zygarde the Legendary order Pokemon)

Diantha: Could it be Zygarde?!

Merryweather: It isn't true?!

(Olympia nods)

(Team Robot in Pokemon XY&Z opening plays)

Ash Ketchum (V.O.): Championing a Research Battle!

Narrator: As our heroes head toward Snowbelle City and Ash's eight Kalos Gym battle, he and Greninja are working to learn about staying in control when experiencing Greninja's mysterious power.

Tai Kamiya: So, then let's hurry to Snowbelle City.

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