Changeling Emperor is the true ruler of the Changelings. The father of The Changeling King and Queen Chrysalis's grandfather.


The Changeling Emperor spent his entire life making chaos and coruptionn with his army of changelings, with his son by his side. And Queen Chrysalis [who was still a filly] looked up to him, she was trained to be future queen. Before her mother died, after she was born, during this time she became friends with Discord when he was young. But when Chrysalis was a young adult, war came down. With the earth ponies and Changelings. The Changeling King had to tell his Changelings to take Chrysalis somewhere else, witch they did but the king promises her they'll see each other again. But then he was killed, along with the Emperor. With the death of the 2 changelings, the ponies buried them under there castle.

Then we he'd returned, he, the Changeling King fight Shining Armor.





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