This is where the rest of our heroes encounter Changlings and they all escape from the T-1000 in Revenge of The Ultratron.

[we now return to the condo]

Twilight: Are you guys sure you don't know where Nyx went?

Yuna: Positive.

Button Mash: All we know is she went a different way than we did.

Shining Armor: Nyx's a smart filly Twily, I'm sure she can find her way back to the condo.

Twilight: I know, but I can't help being worried for her.

Cadance: Well, sometimes I worried about Skyla in these things too. I know just how you feel.

Twilight: That's true, but this is my foal.

Brian: Not to worry, Twi. Nyx is sure to turn up soon.

[we see the T-1000 in the condo]

[We see the Terminator and Nyx on the motorcycle heading toward the condo]

Nyx: Come on, come on. Hurry!

[back at the condo]

T-1000: [walks up to the main desk] Hi, do you have a "Twilight Sparkle" here?

Deskman: Yes, she's out on the seaside with her family. Hang on, I'll buzz ya an esscort.

[then some of the bellboys and guards come in]

Deskman: Oh, here it comes now.

[but when he looks the T-1000 isn't there.]

Deskman: That's strange, where did he go?

[one of the guards knocks on the door]

Deskman: [opens the door]

[outside our heroes are starting to head back to the condo]

Twilight: I sure hope Nyx is alright.

[back inside the condo, the bellboys head back to their jobs as one of the guards goes to grab a coffee]

Guard: Hey, Termin. You want some coffee?

Termin: Yeah, sure. How bout a super milkshake?

Guard: yeah right. [inserts some coins]

T-1000: [gets off the floor and takes the form of the guard]

Guard: [takes his coffe and looks at the cup] Hey, I got a full house.

Termin: That's good.

Guard: Must be my lucky day. [he turns around and is surprised to see an exact copy of himself]

T-1000: [puts his hand and then forms his finger into a small spear and he stabs the guard] [then he takes out the spear and the guad drops to ground, dead. He then takes the guard into a closet. Then he takes the guard's Browning Hi-Power pistol and cocks it]

[our heroes are now heading back to their room]

T-1000: [is walking down the halls searching for any of our heroes]

[Our heroes then get into the elevator]

[outside, the Terminator and Nyx pull up]

Terminator: Why do we stop now?

Nyx: Now you got to promise me, you won't kill anyone, right?

Terminator: Right.

Nyx: You swear?

Terminator: What?

Nyx: Just put up your hand and say: "I swear I won't kill anyone, unless I'm told."

Terminator: [does so] I swear I will not kill anyone, unless I'm told.

Nyx: Good, let's go.

[The Terminator then drives the motorcylce into the parking garage]

[our heroes reach their floor and head down the hallway]

[the T-1000 is on the same floor but somewhere else, and he returns to his normal form]

Twilight: I hope Nyx gets back, it's getting late.

[but then when they came into the lounge room, who should they meet but]

Captain Thorn: Hello, my friends. Remember us?

Spongebob: [as Alan Grant] Run.

[our heroes start to run back down the hallway]

Captain Thorn: Get em'!

[the Changlings give chase]

[Then T-1000 soon comes to the room and he pulls out the pistol]

Shining Armor: Hurry! We've got to get to the elevator!

[they race through the doors and but Mike closes the doors]

Sully: Come on!

Steam Driller: That won't help much, they'lll easily get through!

Mako: Wait, I got it!

[the Changlings then hit the door as Thorn works to open it]

Mako: [stops in his track and takes out something]

Human Applejack: What in tarnation is that thang'?

Mako: Instant prison wall. [he then sets up a huge prison wall thing inbetween them and the door] That should hold them!

[The Changlings race toward them but slam into the prison wall]

Captain Thorn: What the?

Eddy: So long, suckers!

[they race for the elevator]

Captain Thorn: Come on, let's go around!

[They do so]

[our heroes then reach the elevator to come up]

Edd: It better hurry!

[the second elevator then arrives]

Minka Mark: Yes, we're free!

[but then the Terminator emerges from the elevator, shotgun in hand]

[our heroes then stop in their tracks]

Twilight: No, NOOO!

[they take off running the other way]

Nyx: [emerges from the elevator] Mom, wait! Mom!

[The Terminator and Nyx follow them]

[but then the Changelings arrived]

Ed: AH! We're bein' taken by mutants!

Edd: HELP!

Nyx: Changlings! [to the Terminator] Kill those Changlings!

Terminator: Wait here.

Twilight: Get off!

[the Terminator then comes up and grabs one of the changlings and throws him into a window]

Changling: AAH!!

Terminator: [throws another one through door window]

Changling #2: [tries to hit the Terminator but is hit in the stomach with the shotgun, then thrown into the wall]

Terminator: [grabs another changling and throws him into the oppsite wall]

Changling #3: [hits the Terminator]

Terminator: [sends the changling flying back. Takes off the shades and drops them]

Twilight: [looks at the Terminator]

Russel Ferguson: Did that Terminator just save us from those changlings?

Nyx: Mom, are you okay? Mom!

Twilight: Nyx!

Terminator: Come with me, if you wanna live.

Nyx: It's okay, he's to help.

Applejack: Well, seein' how he done saved our necks from them' Changlings, Ah'm willin' ta' trust him.

[Then more Changlings race in]

Willy: Are you kidding!?

[but then Hiatt's engines and Jake appear]

Puffer: Get them! [fires his gatling gun]

Mighty Joe: [fires his vulcan]

Dolphy: [fires his rifle and shotgun]

Rachel: [fires]

Knocout: [fires]

Rattlesnake Jake: Rah! [fires]

Changelings: [squeal as they're hit and killed] 

Daylight: Yeah, get em' bro!

Jenny: [fires her Heckler & Koch HK G36C assault rifle]

[Then gun blasts]

Jenny: What the?

[We see Dile holding a Winchester 1887 lever-action, sawn-off Shotgun]

Dile: Get down, guys!

[They did]

Dile: Eat this... bugs! [fires]

[then Morley and Blitzer race in with the boxcar (that has Tronie)]

Tronie: [inside boxcar] Let me out! Let me out!

Morley: Meet Ol' Painless! [fires Ol' Painless]

Blitzer: Let's fix em' Lil' Blaster! [fires Lil' Blaster]

Duncan: Morley, Blitzer!

[all the remaining changlings are killed]

Brian: Thanks guys.


[Then we see the T-1000]

Ezra Bridger: Oh good, a Police officer!

Captain Thorn: [looks over]

Penny Ling: Wait a minute, Doesn't that guy look familiar?

T-1000: [morphs through the bars. His pistol gets stuck but he gets it loose]


Kanan Jarrus: A What?

Terminator: Go. [fires his shotgun at the T-1000]

Eddy: Quick, the elevator!

[The Terminator fires 3 more shots before joining our heroes]

T-1000: [chases them, firing his pistol, and steps on the shades]

Terminator: [runs into the elevator]

T-1000: [decards the pistol and then forms his arms into a pry bar and drives it in between the doors]

Rabbit: AAH!

[the T-1000 pries open the doors but then the Terminator blasts his face with his shotgun, spitting it in 2]

[The door closes]

Hera Syndulla: What is it? What is that thing?!

T-1000: [morphs his head back, opens the door and jumps down]


Quarmire: What was that?

[the T-1000 then stabs through the roof]

Human Fluttershy: AAAH!!

Ezra Bridger: WHOA!!

Terminator: [fires at the roof] Get down.

[some of the shotgunners take out their shotguns]

[everyone is looking all around then a sword stabs through at the left side]

Skyla: GAAH!!!

Terminator: [fires]

Applejack: [fires]

[the a sword comes in from the other side]

Sheema: Sac' Labure!

Shining Armor: [fires]

Terminator: [fires]

Zeb: (fires his Bo-Rifle) Karabast! This thing's insane!

Anna: [grabs the Terminator's pistol, cocks it and fires at the roof]

Terminator: [reloads his shotgun]

Nick Wilde: (fires his revolver at the roof)

T-1000: [stabs the roof, and his sword slashes Anna's right shoulder]

Anna: AAH!!

Elsa: ANNA!!

Cadance: [fires]

Kanan Jarrus: (fires his blaster at the roof)

Luna: [fires]

[Nyx then hands Anna a fresh clip and she reloads the pistol and continues to fire at the roof]

[The elevator reaches the parking garage and they all run out]

Peter: There's a bus over there!

Princess Celestia: [as Dola] Make a run for it!

Dolphy: [uses his dagger to pry open the doors. gets in]

Eddy: (races in and jumps into a seat) Get in! Get in!

[They get in]

T-1000: [forms a large blob and "pours" itself into the lift's interior, reforming into a humanoid form]

Rainbow: GO!

Termiantor: [takes off in full reverse]

T-1000: [gives chase]

Sabine Wren: (fires her blasters at the T-1000) Kriff, this guy's a fast runner!

Anna: [fires the pistol at the T-1000 but runs out of ammo] I'm out.

Terminator: [fires his shotgun]

Hera Syndulla: (fires her blaster at the T-1000) Man, and I thought Stormtroopers and Droids were tough to fight, but this guy beats them to a "T"!

Nyx: [hands Anna another fresh clip and she reloads it]

Terminator: Reload. [hands the shotgun to Peter]

Peter: [reloads the shotgun]

Cadance: [Fires her shotgun]

Twilight: Faster! Faster!

Cadance: [reloads her shotgun]

Applejack: [fires her coachgun]

Human Applejack: [fires her coachgun]

Shining Armor: [fires his SPAS-12]

Anna: [empties the pistol]

Nyx: [hands her another clip]

Anna: [reloads and continues to draw fire]

SponegBob: [fires his rifle]

Human Fluttershy: [fires her shotgun]

Quagmire: Shoot him! [fires his MP5]

Erza Bridger: Why isn't he being effected?!

Mucker: Because he's a mimetic poly-aloy!

Zeb: A what?

Mucker: Liquid metal.

Zeb: Huh?

Mucker: We'll explain later.

Cleveland: [as Joshua Joyce] It's coming! It's coming! Its coming closer!

Terminator: Hang on!

[the Termiantor drives out of the garage and then turns around. But the T-1000 grabs on the back of the bus]

Peter: Here. [gives the shotgun back to the Terminator]

T-1000: [smashes the rear window with its sword hook trying to slash Nyx]

Nyx: AAH! [avoids most of the swings]

T-1000: [tries to hit Nyx]

Elsa: NYX!!! [grabs Nyx by her tail and pulls away from the T-1000's swings]

Terminator: [fires his shotgun] Here, drive!

Human Pinkie: [grabs the wheel]

[The T-1000 pulls himself back on]

Mighty Joe: Here, let me help you!

Terminator: [shoots one of the T-1000's hook swords]

Mighty Joe: [fires his Vulcan and knocks the T-1000 off the bus]

T-1000: [gets back up and runs after them]

[but soon they overtake the T-1000]

Terminator: [goes back to driving]

Ezra Bridger: (notices the still stuck hook) Hook! Hook! Hook!

Human Rarity: [shrieks] [throws the severed piece of hook sword off] 

T-1000: [walks up, then the peice morphs back onto him. He turns around and walks away]