is the main character in Pooh's Adventures of Rock-a-Doodle. His job on the Farm in the country side was to call the sun by crowing and singing. Everyone on the farm loved him. One night, a stranger came to the farm and called Chanticleer to fight with him. What Chanticleer didn't know was that the stranger was sent by The Grand Duke of Owls. After the fight, he lost the ability to crow and the sun came up without him. Everyone laughed at him and teased him. He soon left the farm sadly and went to the City where he made a deal with a Fox named Pinky who unknown to Chanticleer is working with the Duke. Pooh, his friends, Edmond, Peepers, Patou, and Snipes came to the city to bring him back and they did. Chanticleer had a showdown with the Duke and defeated him by crowing to bring back the sun and the sun shrunk the Duke to a tiny midget.



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