6. Chaos Emerl's Darkness Unleashed Part 2 Poster
Chaos Emerl's Darkness Unleashed
 is a second part of the sixth episode of the first season in Yuna's Princess Adventure.


Emerl started to lose control over darkness & his heart was like a black empty abyss

The Search Begins

Twilight & everyone searchs for Yuna & Skyla.

Psycho Red's Plan

Emerl's old rival's The Psycho Rangers were keeping Yuna & Skyla captive

From Bad to Good

At the everfree forest, Zecora saw Emerl & was lost control over his heart

Fluttershy makes a stand

Fluttershy sees her friends who weren't no match for Chaos Emerl, She makes a stand to him.

Rescuing Yuna and Skyla

Trying to remember, Everyone followed Emerl to save Yuna & Skyla.

Facing the psycho's/The brutal battle

When they made it, Team Robot faces the Psycho Rangers.

The day is saved/Emerl at the hospital

Team Robot's battle with the Psycho's have ended, But Emerl was in serious injured & in pain

Dusty apologized to Yuna

At the hospital, Dusty & Yuna made up & were friends again.


  • This episode was based off from Beast War's Transformers Season 3: Feral Scream, Part 2


  1. Music in the treetops - (My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic)

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