They arrived in Rainbow Shore

Lann: Thanks for all the Help.

Adamantoise: Nonsense. No trouble at all.

Reynn: Thanks for showing the way, Rikku and Yukiko!

Rikku: No Problem! I needed a little breather anyway.

Morgana: So where you're headed from here?

Yukiko: Well... Hey, there's this place we've been trying to reach. Would you mind if we hitched a ride a bit longer?

Adamantoise: Sure. I must head back myself. Not a Problem.

Rikku: Thanks. Okay, then! Back to my regularly scheduled totally awesome treasure hunting!

Futaba: Good luck, and be careful!

Lann: Bye, Adamantoise! I'll come back and imprism you one day, don't you worry!

They went to Dragon Scar and saw a Giant Dragon sleeping

Lann: Um, guys. Did you hear something?

They look scared and Lann and Ryuji known the Dragon is behind them and they look scared

Reynn: Boys...

Lann: Boy. Who knew the winds of Babli could be so toasty.


Reynn: Lann! Ryuji! Shrink, now!em!

They shrink and dodge the Dragon

Ryuji: Sweet Mama!

Akira: Get ready!

They are fighting it and they defeated it exhausted

Morgana: That was close.

Ann: Yeah.

Yusuke: Thank goodness.

Haru: Yay for Miracles.

Tama: Now's our chance to run the-past them!

Makoto: Okay, let's

Futaba: Ah!

And then another Dragon appeared behind Tama

Reynn: Tama.

Lann: There's another...

Tama: It's... behind the-me. Isn't it.

Then Someone attacked the Dragon and it was Tifa and Chie

Chie: Wow! We kicked that Dragon!

Tifa: Wow. Did we just get strong? Oh, we can celebrate later. Come on!

They went off


????: The ten of them and started something. Mediums have been awakening one after the next.

Dark Satanael: Then you mean the Azure Prophecy... Is come true.

Dark Susano-o: So what. No matter how many Champions arise, the law of this world are beyond their powers to change.

???: The only force that can change those law is the almighty power of a true king.

Dark Hecate: We must fulfill the Crimson Prophecy. And swiftly. Are we agreed?

???: Of course.

Back to our Heroes

Tama: Thanks again! You really saved our biscuits the-back there?

Morgana: Who knew they came in sets?

Tifa: I'm just glad you're all right. Huge Dragon live in the Scars. You're lucky you only ran into the two. Normally. People don't set foot near the place, but I heard all the ruckus and new something must be up.

Morgana: It's a good thing you did. Gotta say, though, you are very being a Strong Ladies.

Tifa: Oh well. I just got lucky. That's actually one of my master moves. That was the first time we ever managed to pull it off. We live to the north of here, in a town called Nibelheim. Come on by, if you get a chance!

Ryuji: I guess she and Chie is a Champion too.

Makoto: I'll say, they're very good in this?

Tama: Makes you wonder what their Master must be the-like!

Morgana: So he said his town was north of here, didn't he?

Futaba: Yeah! Wait... I think I can actually see it from here.

Tama: Brr! S-Something about that place makes my fur the-crawl! I don't know what it is, but it gives me the Heebie-the-Jeebies!

They went Agarthir

Lann: Well, this is charming little town. But something feels kinds of... I dunno, "off" about it. I can't quite put my finger on what it is.

Reynn: Hm... I think it might be a good idea for us to keep a low profile around here.

Ryuji: Why's that?

Reynn: Because... Oh, just do it!

Ryuji: Um, okay, low profile. Tama.

Tama: Okay. Roger the-wilco

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