They saw Shelke and Metis

Morgana: That must be the Agent.

Futaba: Wait, there's something wrong with him.

Ann: How can you tell?

Ryuji: Look...

Then Shelke and Metis Attacked them, and they look exhausted

Falcomon: Should I assume we've won? Unless you've fight back, you are going to die.

Lann: (Panting) If I look dead to you, then guess again!

He's going to use his power, but it electrocuted him

All: Lann!

Metia: Good. That's more like it.

They knocked them out

Shelke: Countertek deplayed. There is no method they can utilize...

Minutes Later

Tama: Wakay the-wakey Wakey!

They wake up and they saw Tama

Akira: Tama!

Yusuke: You're here?!

Tama: That's the-me! Boy, am I ever the-glad to see you!

Ryuji: Alright!

Futaba: We got our powers back.

Tama: When I realised I couldn't the-reach you. I was so the-upset!

Metis: If your powers have recovered, we need to keep going.

Tama: Oh! Isn't Metis and Shelke here the-completely amazing? They're the-with the, uh... Oh, that's the-right, the League of S!

Reynn: I knew it! They are the other agent!

Shelke. So. Are we done? Because we need to keep---

Tama: That thing they did, I think that's it called Counter-the-tek. Any-the-way, it can take any the-kind of magic or technique, and old the-move at all, and completely nullify it!

Metis: Yep... That's right.

Lann: Whoa. That's so cool!

Tama: And that's the-what they used to remove your suppressors! Although, they're weren't sure if the-worked, so they were kind of the-freaking-the-out!

Shelke: What? Th-that is not true at low! We were... completely in control.

Tama: If you the-ask me, they're a Champion! Woo! How can you not the-love them! Am I the-right?

Haru: You sure are. Thanks for the help.

Morgana: Yeah, you help us.

Metis: Look, we have no time for this. We are here to work. Let's continue the operation.

They head out

Shelke: Watch you're step here? The area is full of Mirages and Shadow. It's up to you now. Good luck.

Ryuji: Don't worry, we got this.

Morgana​: Oh yeah! The right here is our time to shine. There's something strange about those Mirages and Digimon.

Tama: I think some of them are uninprismable unless you use eldboxes like the one Squall and Yu the-gave you.

Lann: Huh? Say that again​?

Reynn: You mean they're machines, not Mirages and Shadow?

Tama: Maybe Machines, or the-maybe. No, that the-impossible. Never the-mind, forget what I said it.

Ryuji: Okay, we'll forget it.

Makoto: Well, at least we know how to imprism them. For now.

They open the gate and the alarm is ringing

Tama: I have got a bad the-feeling about this.

Lann: Uh, guys...what do those numbers floating above us mean?

Ryuji: Why you little....

He choke him because he broke the fourth wall about the Timer

Ryuji: Let the other heroes know time, you dumb kid!

Tama: Let's get the-out of here!

Lann: Huh, isn't that the Entrance?

Reynn: Keep going! Trust me, this is the right way.

Lann: Okay! Roger that, full speed ahead!

Tama: I guess we're the-doing this again!

They made it here and they saw many Black Mages

Lann: What the honk?

Reynn: Looks like we have a Mage-er problem... Get it? "Mage"?

They are fighting and one of them got exploded

Morgana: Whoa!

Makoto: What the?

Vivi: Hey. Who made all this Smoke?

Metis: Um? So it can talk.

Tama: I the-heard it speak too!

Vivi: Whoa! A Mirage that can talk!?

Shelke: Hm? So she can. That is odd.

Reynn: I guess. You just noticed?

Minutes Later

Akira: So you're named is Vivi? So, tell me your friends there- are all of them able to talk just like you do?

Makoto: Yeah, you're friend's there.

Vivi: Friend's? Where?

He look behind him and saw many of them

Vivi: Whoa! It's a bunch of me's!

Lann: Wha- Hey!

Tama: Don't you the-realize they're dangerous?

Vivi: They are? Hey! You guys know better than to act mean!

He talk to them

Vivi: See, I knew they'd be reasonable. They even said they'll help us!

Morgana: Wow!

Ann: Color me impressed.

Metis: Yes, bravo.

Vivi: Okay, so what can me and my friends do for you?

Shelke: Oh, actually.

Theu use their power to the Mako Reaction

Morgana: Whoa! What's happening?

Reynn: Does this mean the reactor's working?

Tama: Figaro Castle can break the-free now!

Futaba: Let's go outside.


Edgar: It's time! Now full speed ahead!

Two Drill came together with the Castle and our heroes saw the Huge Chain and then it break free

Ryuji: Alright!

Lann: It work!

Tama: Yeah the-baby! Whew... What an ordeal all that the-was.

Reynn: Yeah, no kidding. But couldn't this be that "cradle of mako's light" that has the Key of Earth

Vivi: You mean this one?

He show them the key

Morgana: Exactly!

Metis: It appears that Vivi have it all along.

Tama: Lucky the-us.

Akira: (Thoughs) Again, it seems just a little too lucky... but there's no point in dwelling on it right now.

Metis: So Vivi. Where will you go now?

Vivi: I don't know.

Edgar: How's this. Stay in Figaro?

Ryuji: Oh great. You again?

Cyberdramon: What do you know. My Favorites Jiants and Persona Users. You help has been most invalua...ble? And didn't, Squall, Yu and Akihiko relay my intention?

Morgana: Yeah. But we still have the grudge against you!

Edgar: Look, I'm sorry. The federation was watch me like a hawk, so I...

Ann: But what Lightning and Mitsuru?

Edgar: Of course. I made certain they escaped. After all, they wouldn't have been out there protecting you had I not asked.

Yusuke: So, they were part of it?

Futaba: Oh. Then, technically you did help us... before you unhelped us.

Morgana: Alright... I guess we're even then.

Ryuji: And don't ever think about tricking us.

Then they saw a Dragon flew up

Akira: What the Heck was that?

Metis: Where did it came from?

Edgar: Has it always been there, lurking beneath Figaro?

Tama: Incredibly. That Mirage the-possessed power beyond the-belief.

Morgana: What?

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