Tama: From the looks of the-it, the Bahamutian encampment is going to stay a Goblin, the-hangout for good.

Reynn: At least, they'll leave Cornelia alone for a while, now that we've gotten rid of the soldiers controlling them.

Warrior of Light: Once the Mirages and Shadow are scattered and separated from their keeper, they revert to their wild state.

Sarah: And while Mirages are something you just... Learn to get used to in Grymoire.

Lann: That's why you got Agumon and Gabumon here.

Rei: Yes, indeed.

They look blush

Sarah: However, we cannot rule out the possibility of another Bahamut Attacks. What we need... is an alliance with another country. Some sort of mutual agreement to come to each other's defense.

Zen: Actually, word has been spreading of such an organization: an anti-federation group as large as a nation.

Warrior of Light: Perhaps the time has come to formally introduce ourselves. They called themselves the league of S.

Sarah: "League of S"? Do you know of any way to reach them?

Warrior of Light: The Thane of Saronia to the north has been in contact with them. I believe one of the merchants mentioned it.

Rei: Saronia, of course. They have been resisting Federation annexation.

Zen: Of course. Allow me and Warrior of Light to journey there, and learn what we can about the League of S.

Sarah: What? To get to Saronia, you must pass through all manner of places teeming with dangerous Mirages and Sarah. And I...

Morgana: Hey, how about we go instead?

Reynn: Yes. Warrior of Light and Darkness here, them and the brigade should stick around and keep the Goblins in line.

Ryuji: That's right. Cornelia's Legendary Champions belongs right here in Cornelia.

Futaba: We're the best fit for this. We've got a ton of Mirages and Persona to collect, and could start just about anywhere. So, you know, it wouldn't be any trouble.

Sarah: What a great offer. You would really do that?

Ann: Sure! You're doing us a favor by pointing me and my friends in a new direction. We're glad to help.

Sarah: I thank you. We are in your debt. Here. All Cornelia emissaries are given these letters, as proof of their authority, it should help you on your way.

Haru: Thank you.

Ryuji: Well, there's no sense in hanging aroind. So long! Take care!

They left with the Train they arrived in Pyreglow Forest

Lann: Holy amaze, I can stare it for days... at this place.

Reynn: Looks like we have to find our way through.

They went ahead

Tama: If things get the-dangerous or you need a break, don't forget that you can use the Gates to return to Nine Wood Hill, and take a time out.

They saw vines

Ryuji: Dead end.

Akira: How do we supposed to get through these vines?

Reynn: What's this Symbol for?

Tama: That's one of Enna Kros's the-patented Sizzle Symbol!

Reynn: She got it patented?

Tama: That's your cue to the-bring out your power, Flamon. Even along a Mirage and Digimon that's learned the Sizzle Ability. And if you don't have a Mirage with Sizzle Ability just the-yet you're sure to find one close the-by, so keep looking.

They went ahead

Morgana: Grymoire sure has no shortage of wonders, does it?

Lann: I know, how high up are we? I wonder what would happen if we jumped.

Ann: Hey, why don't you find out?

Tama: Go on, we're the-waiting!

Lann: Uhhh, I'll pass.

They saw Lights

Reynn: Huh? What's that light?

They saw a Yuna and Rise

Tama: That's the-bee-yotiful!

Reynn: Hold on. I know I've seen that before... But where? I can't remember.

Yuna: Jiants, Persona Warriors traveling with a Mirage? It seems clear the ten of you are not from Grymoire.

Tama: Ah! I the-totally forgot about hiding!

Lann: Yeah, we forgot to shrink down, too.

Reynn: What's your name? You know, that staff---

Fuuka: I'm Fuuka Yamagishi.

Yuna: My name is Yuna. Are you Heralds? Have more of you been send to plague us? Your kind have brought enough chaos into this world already.

She and Fuuka summon a Mirage and a Persona

Fuuka: Begone now from Grymoire! You have no place here!

They fight and they defeated them and their Mirage and Persona

Yuna: The way you use Mirages... Only Lusse Farna ever held such power over them.

Fuuka: Tell us...Who are you?

Lann: Huh? "Lusse Farna,' you said? But that's our... mother.

Reynn: Hey, you're right! That was her name!

Akira: Um, listen, you wouldn't happen to know this "Lusse Farna"? That the Twins know about their mother.

Yuna: Let us show you.

They went to see the Artifact

Ryuji: Huh?

Reynn: That's the earring--- the same one Mom used to wear.

Morgana: What? Then, it was her?

Reynn: Right. I knew I recognised it. The ornament on Yuna's Staff.

Fuuka: Roughly one hundred years ago, a Champion from another world saved Grymoire. Her name was Lusse Farna.

Reynn: What? Our Mom did that? But, a hundred years ago...

Yusuke: I don't quite follow. Their Mother a Champion? And this is some kind of Monument of her?

Yuna: So, you keep saying that Lusse Farna was the twin's mother. Again. May we ask who you are?

Lann: Well, uh...

They told her everything

Fuuka: No, Memories and Powers even Abilities? That is strange.

Makoto: Do you think you might be able to tell us a little more about their mother. We'd appreciate anything at all.

Yuna: Sorry. Fuuka and I only know the common legends. The ones Grymoire's people have grown up with.

Futaba: Alright, we'll take anything.

Yuna: Sometime around a Century ago, the world of Grymoire was nearly destroyed by a being that has come to be known as the Demon Dyad. Lusse Farna prevented this by creating the Ultima Gate and Book--- a book and bridge to salvation from which they summoned Ten heralds straight from the realm of the gods. Thus, she became Grymoire's Champions.

Ryuji: That definitely sounds like something out of mythology.

Tama: Bridging the gap between worlds is a serious the-accomplishment. They must have been the-mazing!

Fuuka: That she was. But sadly, even though she managed to save the world from the Demon Dyad...

Makoto: What?

Fuuka: The Heralds... all Ten of them chose to remain here in Grymoire. And one of them is now Brandelis, king of Bahamut.

Lann: What? But Bahamut... That's the federation that attacked Cornelia!

Yuna: Yes, after they finished "saving" the world. Brandelis and the others harnessed a legion of New Mirages and Shadow, and slowly took control of Grymoire's land, building a powerful federation.

Reynn: "Legion of New Mirages and Shadow"... Guys, you don't think there's any connection to the ones we lost... do you?

Lann: What? That's not possible. We're talking about a Hundred years ago.

Akira: But where have we been? Nine Wood Hills, which Enna Kros told us was a world without time. Right, Tama?

Tama: Right the-you are. Compared to other the-worlds, the concept of time there is. Let's say... More than a little bit the-unsual. So, if you want to know just the-how long you were there, there's really the-no way to measure!

Lann: Huh? What?

Yusuke: Umm... if you don't mind my asking. What ever happened to her? After the Heralds come?

Yuna: Unfortunately, we don't know for sure. Some say summoning the Heralds was an act that cost their lives. While others says she live as a prisoners in the Herald's castle with the other Persona's, their freedom lost forever.

Reynn: Prisoners?

Ryuji: Where can we find this Castle?!

Yuna: I wish me and Fuuka could help, but I don't know where to find it. Not just us. No one. Not even the soldiers in their army. They say Brandelis keeps its whereabouts a secret.

Lann: What!? How do you hide a big stupid Castle!?!

Morgana: Lann, stop that! Come on, it's a legend. Are you really gonna get all worked up over something carved on a rock? They share the same name. That doesn't automatically have to mean they're the same person.

Lann: Well... yeah maybe not. But you can't try and tell me this is just a coincidence.

Morgana: Would you listen.

Reynn: All this stuff we're "remembering," like our Mom's name? What if it turns out none of it is true? But I guess there's no point in telling Dogmon that.

Lann: What is it, Reynn?

Reynn: Just forget it.

Yuna: If it's Bahamut that you're after, you should start in one of the federation's member states, and do your asking around there. Seronia lies farther north. I believe they just joined the Federation.

Lann: Huh?

Ryuji: What? And I thought Saronia was the place we're going to!

Reynn: Then Princess Sarah mush not have known...

Haru: (Sigh) Oh well. We've already made it this far.

Fuuka: Yeah. We wouldn't be very good emissaries if we turned back now. And we did promise to ask about the League of S.

Lann: Sorry about me raising my voice at you. I know you were trying to to help us out, so thanks.

Yuna: Actually, me and Fuuka should be sorry for attacking you. It was wrong to accused you of being something you're clearly not.

They left to Seronia]

Yuna: Again, it shall be Ragnarok, Trinity and Ars Arcanum-- "a battle... Initiliated by new Champions, and her.. to whose salvation?"

????: You're beyond Salvation.

Then Dark Satanael and Pellinore appeared and Gatomon disappeared

Pellinore: And Illusion, huh. hi

Dark Satanael: Well, no Matter. A chase is more to my liking. I tire of simply waiting.

Back to our heroes

Reynn: Huh?

Lann: What's wrong, Reynn?

Reynn: Oh, it's nothing. I just had this strange feeling... kind of familiar, but also kind of scary.

Then a Broadcast has comes back in Morgana's Mind Again

Morgana: (Angry) Aw man! Again!?

Then he heard a voice in his head

Voice: Greetings and salutations, Everyone! We're in full-swing here at the DARREN and we're happy to have ya! We had an old friend call in a little bit ago asking us to give him a tune appropriate for his travels. So, I'd like the dedicate this week's 'Rewind,' to that pal who went off the deep end. It's the Peppers. Enjoy!

Then Morgana see a Silhouette Person walking over there

???: Oh, I love this sing!

Then the Silhouette Person is singing

???: (Singing) Deep beneath the cover of another perfect wonder where it's so white as snow. Oh!!! Privately divided by a world, so undersided and there's nowhere to go--

Then Morgana ruby his eye and see nothing, because it was just a Illusion

Akira: Morgana, are you feeling okay?

Morgana: Quick: Which area is fill with snow in it?

Lann: Well, Saronia is up north, so that's where we're headed.

Morgana: Then let's go.

Ryuji: Why do you think Saronia is filled with Snow?

Ann: Are you...


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