Morgana: Okay, so then, all we gotta do is cross the Low Seas and find that Valley of Fire.

Reynn: Well...

Reynn: (Thoughs) I don't know... Are we really just gonna follow some random Prophecy word for word? But, what other leads do we have?

Reynn: (Sigh) Okay. I guess we'll run with it.

Ryuji: Really?

Reynn: Captain Faris and Shinjiro, can you tell us how to get to the low Seas?

Faris: Hmm... Maybe. But I'll not be lending you this ship. For one, she can't venture downseas even if I see feeling generous. Oh. Wait. Hey, Mog! Is our guest still aboard?

Moogle: Guest, Kupo?

Shinjiro: You know who. Two girls, one with the lass and glasses with blue haired girl.

Moogle: Oh, from the League, Kupo! They might be, Kupo. I'll go look, Kupo.

Minutes Later

Quistis and Naoto appeared

Naoto: You need me and Quistis?

Faris: Sorry to detain you.

Quistis: I thought we were done with our Transaction. Did you find some sort of problem with the Cargo?

Shinjiro: No, the good were sound. I've another quandary... If you'll hear me out.

Naoto: Then what is it?

Shinjiro: These guys here have business in the Low Seas.

Naoto: Who are they?

Faris: The Jiants from the Hills with Persona Warriors. In the flesh.

Both: What?

Lann: Ta da!

Reynn: Cut that out! Sorry about Lann. I guess we might be the Jiants from the hills and Persona Warriors from the prophecy, but honestly? We don't know.

They explain everything

Naoto: Very Intriguing.

Shinjiro: Yes. They need a boat. And as I recall, you've got one for us?

Quistis: Well... if it's true about the Thane--- that he's some kind monstrous Bahamutian doppleganger--- then we don't owe him anything. Which means... that the boat is up for grabs.

Ann: Wait, "up for grabs"? What do you mean?

Quistis: Oh, our groups had some business to attend to in Saronia, so we presented the Thane with a Boat.

Naoto: Some might call it a... a bride.

Tama: You don't need to wheel and the-deal with a bunch of no-good monsters like that.

Ryuji: Yeah.

Akira: You're not even Listening.

Ryuji: Yeah.

Quistis: So you're absolutely certain? You saw the thane undergo a transformation?

Faris: Aye, and then Syldra let him have it!

Naoto: Okay. Well, don't get us wrong. I can see they're the Jiants from the hills and Persona Warriors...

Quistis: But I can also see they've got some growing up to do. Do you think they'll survive the trip?

Faris: Ha. One splash in the Low Seas can't stop a Prophecy.

Naoto: Well, I guess you win. You can take the fastcraft down to the Low Seas.

Morgana: Alright!

Haru: Thank you so much!

Reynn: (Thoughts) Although, that whispering wasn't very encouraging...

Quistis: Okay, right this way.

Shinjiro: Good luck, guys.

Ryuji: Thanks! Oh, right... We're sorry, we attacked you.

Yusuke: We didn't mean to cause you more trouble.

Shinjiro: Aw, no worries. If you survive, bye.

Ryuji: Wait, what?

Naoto: Come on, this way.

They went to the Fastcraft

Reynn: Hold on, where's this road go?

Quistis: It's the way back to town. I mean, isn't that how you got here? The other road is crawling with Mirages. Nobody uses that one anymore.

Lann: Dude! Oh, I so wish we knew about that coming in.

Reynn: Well, that figures. I thought something about these docks smelled fishy.

Tama: But at least we found some good the-Miraged! No worries, the-right?

Ryuji: Yeah, no worries at all. (Whimper)

They went ahead

Naoto: Here she is. Just give us a minute

They hop aboard

Naoto: I set the helm to autopilot, so it'll take you right to the low Seas. Now get going, before the Thane or the Federation catch on.

Morgana: Wow, you're just nice as a peach

Makoto: See ya!

Quistis: Bye now! And don't come back and Haunt us.

Futaba: Huh?

Haru: Wow, I can feel the breeze now.

Yusuke: Yes, it's getting warmed up.

Tama: I can't the-believe they loaned us this great boat! We really lucked the-out this time.

Lann: Dude, I know, right? We don't even have to steer it. I love the easy life.

Morgana: Um, guys. Aren't you all worried about what Shinjiro, Faris, Naoto and Quistis said?

Futaba: What did they say?

Tama: Now that you mention it, they did kind of make it the-sound like we weren't gonna live out the day.

Ann: Pretty much.

Morgana: Wonder why.

Akira: Why so bad about the Low Seas... Right? You know, somewhere lower down on the map or something?

Tama: What if they're called "low" ... because of all the lowlifes living the-there?

Reynn: That could be it.

Ryuji: Uh, guys.

Reynn: Yeah?

Ryuji: Did you hear it, or it just me that the waves going louder?

Reynn: You think so?

Lann: Guys, all of the sudden. I am suddenly getting this really bad sudden feeling.

Morgana: Yeah.

Tama: Bad feeling? About the-what?

They saw the Huge Waterfall

Morgana: Oh boy.

Futaba: Note to self: the Low Seas are not South.

Lann: What the honking HAWWWNK!

Reynn: They are Literally straight DOOOWN!



They fell to the Huge Waterfall and they are still alive

Lann: Agh, Jelly Sandwich!

Futaba: H-How are we still alive?

Morgana: Tama are you still with us?

Tama: Never been the-betterer...

Tama splash the Water on Lann

Lann: Hey, Don't do that on my head!

Futaba: Now that our boat's busted, how are we supposed to get where we're going?

Reynn: Ugh, don't tell me.

They stop the Mirages for hurting the Little Turtle

Morgana: Huh, looks like even Mirages have to put up with mean old Bullies.

Reynn help the Little Turtle up

Reynn: Take care.

Lann: Reynn, come on. We're Mirage Keepers! If you're gonna let them just swim away, then--

Then a Giant Turtle appeared

Lann: Then you are... you're... doing exactly the right thing!

Adamantoise: Young Mirage Keepers and Persona Users. My Minimantoise here tells a me that you saved his life. I thank you.

Ryuji: It... it talked! With Words?

Tama: Hwooow... A talking the-Mirage!

Yusuke: Seriously?

Adamantoise: Now, tell me what Mirages Keepers and Persona Users like you are doing all the way out here?

Makoto: Uh, well.

They tell him everything

Adamantoise: Hmm... Then, I shall help you find this "Babil." You are free to ride on my back.

Morgana: Whoa! Seriously?

Adamantoise: Ohhhh yes. I'll be your "fastcraft." Or my best approximation of what a fastcraft is.

They ride on him and then Rikku and Yukiko appeared

Rikku: Wow. Real actual people. I thought we might've been seeing things.

Ann: Oh, who are you?

Yukiko: I'm Yukiko.... Rikku.

Rikku: Oh, Me? I'm Rikku. Man, I wish that Mirage hadn't come along and ruined my lunch, because I was having a great time in the seas. I'm very good in swimming so it's no biggie, but I was really starting to get pooped. Then I spotted you guys sailing along on top of old Adamantoise here. So, is there some story behind all this?

They explained everything for them

Adamantoise: The more the merrier. Enjoy the cruise.

Rikku: Thanks. How totally amazing are you Mirages Keepers and Persona Warriors! It can't be easy befriending an Adamantoise.

Yusuke: Honestly, I think we just happened to bump into a really nice one.

Yukiko: Hmm. Oh! So you're trying to get to the Babli region, right? You need to set a course that way!

They head off

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