Luffy: Can you believe the cafeteria ran out of food? And we're still hungry.

Owen: Yeah. Hungry!

Bender: I think I saw a vending machine down the hall

Fry: Oh.

Fico look so scared because he saw the Phantom Virus

Fico: Uh oh.

Otto: What is it, Fico?

They saw the Phantom Virus

Usopp: Oh, hello, Mr. Phantom.

All: Uh-oh!

They ran away from him and they dress up as Doctor

Chopper: Thank you for volunteering for our experiment, Mr. Virus. Nurse, take the patient over to the table.

Goofy: Okay. This way, please.

Donald: Sit down.

Noah: Just relax.

Owen: Now, can you tell us how many layers are in an ideal club sandwich?

He's gonna guess it

Cody: Time's up. The correct answer is, "Never enough! "

They electrocute him

Sci-Ryan Let's try one more.

Crash: When's the best time to enjoy a milkshake with your french fries?

He's gonna guess it

Luffy: Time's up. The answer is, "Anytime! "

They electrocute him and he looks angry and he began to chase them

All: Run!

Crash: Run for it!

Sci-Ryan: [screams] Ryan and Sora!


Ryan: I'm worried about our friends.They've been gone for a long time.

Sora: Maybe we should go look for them.

Wembly: Nobody goes anywhere until Professor Kaufman gets back. They saw them chasing from the Phantom Virus

Robin: What was that?

Nami: It's the Phantom!

They are chasing them and then someone turn on the laser beam and it send our Heroes a here in the Cyberspace and now they're in Level 1, The Moon

Fransworth: Oh my It looks like we've been beamed into Eric's computer game.


Ryan: I know we are, Sci-Ryan. Yup. We are on the moon.

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