He is chasing the Dream Eater and then More Dream Eater has appeared

Psychemon: There are so many of them that I can't handle.

He is fighting them and he defeated them, then Tororo has appeared on top of roof

Tororo: Psychemon! The Third District. We're going to pin it between worlds.

Psychemon: Okay!

They made it to the Third District and then Keroro and his team has appeared

Psychemon: We have you now!

Keroro: This is our world!

Giroro: You have to play the rules

Then the Dream Eater has disappeared

Dororo: Wait!

Tamama: It's gone!

Then the Dream Eater it's gone

Psychemon: Shoutmon. You got this.

Giroro: This is getting boring. Every time we chase that thing down..

Psychemon: We know. But we've got some ally on the other side. Don't worry.

Giroro: Okay, well. I still don't like that.

Kururu: You know, you are such a man, Giroro. You're like a sponge, of course.

Giroro: What? I'm not a sponge. I'm just me.

Kururu: Hmm... You are in love with Natsumi.

Giroro: Hey! Don't say that!

Psychemon: You're in love with a human?

Giroro: Hey!

They laugh and then a Crest of Reliability has appeared

Psychemon: Well... Time for me to go.

Keroro: Hey, Psychemon- thank you.

Giroro: Yeah, stay strong. We'll catch up with you soon.

Tamama: Yeah, Say hi to Shoutmon.

Psychemon: I will.

Kururu: Psychemon. Remember what I said. Be careful. If this really is a dream, it's going to lie to you to try and make your think it's real.

Psychemon: I got it.

Giroro: Um... I don't get it.

Kururu You, and Shoutmon would break your hands on this one.

Giroro: Wait, what?

They laugh, and Psychemon aim the Xros Loader to the Crest and he got it

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