Here is how Cheerilee and Willow Apple learned their lessons in Someone or Sompony to Watch Over Willow Apple.

Soon, Willow Apple got home and discovered how disappointed her mother is.

Cheerilee: Willow Apple! Where have you been!? You have me worried sick about you!

Willow Apple: I'm sorry, Mama. I was only trying to...

Cheerilee: I don't want any of your excuses, Young lady. You are grounded for sneaking out of the house!

Sebastian: Hold it, Cheerilee!

Scuttle: Willow Apple is trying to tell you that she delivered all of the souvenirs pass the forest!

Tip: And we helped a little, But can you believe what a great job she did all by herself?

Dash: It's true, Cheerilee. Willow Apple has done it on her own.

Cheerilee: You really did that all by yourself, Willow Apple?

Willow Apple: Yes.

Maginfo: The whole thing is true.

Cheerilee: Applejack was right. Maybe I have gotten a little carried away watching over you, and if you hadn't snuck out like you did, maybe I wouldn't have figured that out the same thing she had.

Willow Apple: Yes! Now that is the kind of 'looking after me' that I can definitely appreciate! So, Mama. we're good?

Cheerilee: Willow Apple, We're always good. (hugged her daughter)

Maginfo: Aww!

Princess Yuna: Now that's what I call a motherly and daughterly love.

                                                                                      The End

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