is full of youthful overconfidence. He's also the fastest Maximal on four legs, so he gets into way too much trouble. Thankfully, Optimus Primal keeps a steady eye on him. In return, Cheetor has grown to idolize Primal, whom he calls "Big Bot." Optimus Primal knows the young and inexperienced Cheetor needs a good role model, so he doesn't mind too much. And, hey, he's a good kid. Just...keep him away from Dinobot, okay? Impressionable minds, and all.  Speaking of bad influences, Cheetor had a brief crush on the Predacon turncoat Blackarachnia, adding some real tension between him and Silverbolt. He seems over her now.

Relationship with Nyx

In The Inquisitor's Revenge Part 1 & 2, after Yuna and Dusty found Nyx, Cheetor was like a cousin to Nyx while protecting her while rescuing Yuna from Trakeena and the Inquisitor and was granted privilege by Princess Twilight Sparkle and Prince Flash Sentry as Nyx's guardian.


  • Cheetor will become Nyx's guardian.
  • Cheetor will meet Connor Lacey and Pals in Connor Lacey's Adventures of Beast Wars Transformers.


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