Chi-Fu is the Chinese Emperor's council member and one of the characters in Pooh's Adventures of Mulan.  He has a huge grudge against women, including Mulan, even when she proves her heroism while in the army.  He also believes that Shang isn't capable of being a great military captain, like his father once was.  Because of his pompous attitude, he is disliked by the soldiers. 

Even though Chi Fu serves the Emperor, and is against Shan Yu and the huns, this does not make him an ally. 


  • Chi-Fu became a minor villain in Pooh's Adventures of Mulan.
  • Chi-Fu became a minor villain in The FT Squad Meets Mulan.  Here, he showed dislike of the FT Squad, thinking they weren't worthy of participating in the war.  His pompous and rude attitude towards the squad girls caused Rudy the Alligator to develop a massive grudge against him.  Eventually, at the end of the story, Chi Fu is arrested by Future Time Travel for his high levels of sexism, especially Mulan even after her heroic deeds, and his numerous threats to the FT Squad during the adventure.

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