Legacy chip updated render by nibroc rock-db2et2o

Chip otherwise known as Light Gaia is a fictional character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is an ancient deity from the dawn of time and the incarnation of light, day and rebirth. Since the beginning of time, Chip has fought Dark Gaia in an perpetual cycle of rebirth and destruction to protect the Earth from Dark Gaia where he awakens after millions years of sleep to put the world back together after Dark Gaia destroys it and then returns to sleep again.

In Sonic Unleashed, Chip was awoken prematurely by Dr. Eggman, who planned to use Dark Gaia to establish his Eggman Empire, losing his memories in the process. He then met Sonic the Hedgehog and the two of them worked together to bring the planet back together after Dark Gaia shattered it. After recovering his memories, Chip and Sonic worked together to defeat Dark Gaia, restoring the balance of their eternal cycle, while Chip returned to dormancy.