This is where Chris is visited by Death in Revenge of the Red Diesel.

[we come back to Chris, still laying on the ground out as BB-8 rolls around him]

[then, a shadow appears from the corner and it was Death]

Death: Hey, buddy. Come on, wake up!

[Chris slowly wakes up and sees Death]

Chris: Death? What are you doing here?

Death: I've been told you've turned into the Dark Side.

Chris: It's for my empire.

Death: Chris, I'm gonna show you what your life is gonna be, if you're on the Dark Side.

[A big flash of light surrounds them and takes them somewhere]

Chris: Where are we?

Death: The future.

Chris: Everything looks fine.

Death: Well, take a good look outside.

[Chris walks to a window and opens his eyes wide in shock. There outside in Quahog, was a large capital building with Clone Equine Troopers in yellow armor and walkers walking around]

Chris: What happened here?!

Death: After you turned into the Dark Side, Ernie fulfilled what he dreamed for. He wanted everything villain terminated, and he wanted to be the most powerful one of all of them. And not only that, he and Diane Simmons return to be lovers, Sideshow Bob, Bobby Briggs, and the Dazzlings became officers, the Clone Equines have blazzing new ships, shining new armor, new weapons and vehicles, and Princess Celestia became his Inquisitor. Including her new daughter, Sunlight, Blythe, Ember, and Kitty.

Chris: WHAT?!

Death: Yeah, and not only that, everyone you know are turned into slaves.

[Death teleports them and takes them that he sees the others being slaves]

Bobby Briggs: [activates a lightsaber whip and lashes on Twilight]

Twilight: Ah!

Chris: Twilight!

Bobby Briggs: Get back to work scum! [slashes her again]

Chris: Death! I'd never wanted this!

Death: Well, it's what your emperor wanted. Thanks to you, he made you killed the Jedi, and started a new empire.

[Chris takes a long look of everyone as slaves]

["I Will Find Him" starts playing]

Chris: Well, that chicken is gonna pay! Where is he at?!

Death: He's on his way to Kamino. Our heroes arrived there to destroy any hopes of creating a new empire, but now they're surrounded and out numbered.

Chris: Well, that's all gonna change! I'm gonna to help them destroy the Clone Equine life pods and end all hopes of a new empire! I WILL KILL HIM!!!

[They teleport back to the present]

Chris: BB-8! Saddle up! Were going to Kamino, and we're gonna need some help.

BB-8: [beeping: Yes sir!]

[They hop in their Jedi Star fighter and take off to light speed]