This is where Chris joins in the fight at Kamino in Revenge of the Red Diesel.

[we sideswipe back to Kamino, where the others are surrounded]

Samantha: You've lost! There's no hope for you, now! We will rule the galaxy!

Anna: You won't get away with this!

Samantha: [slaps her]

Elsa: Anna!

Samantha: Maybe I should teach you some respect, my dear!

[But unknown to them, Chris sneaks quietly behind a Clone Equine Trooper and decapitates him and grabs his machine gun and kills the trooper in front of him. This attracts the others, which Anna kicks Samantha in the face and the others as Chris kills some of the troopers as the others do the same, while the villains spread out. Bobby tries to shoot Chris, which Breon spotted it]

Breon: Hey, Selena.

Selena: Yeah?

Breon: Could I borrow your Bowcaster?

Selena: Uhm, sure. Why?

Breon: [aims very carefully, and then he fires and kills Briggs] This thing's awesome!

[Chris still continues shooting at the troopers as Rainbow shoots a Clone Equine's leg off]

Clone Equine trooper: AH!

Sharky: Come on! Now's out chance to save the Equinelantis Jedi Council members!

[Chris kills a ton of troopers with the Gatling gun, as Brian takes down some with his M16. Then Meg sneaks up behind one, flips him over and stabs him with a dagger. Chris continues to kill more as Lois takes down some with her blaster, and Kitty kills one with her claws. Selena kills one with her Bowcaster, Blythe takes some down, Chris continues firing, and Peter fires Petey, then Vinny throws some grenades]

Princess Skystar: Mother, stop! Think about what you're doing!

[They come into a blade lock]

Queen Novo: Never! I will become the galaxy's most feared inquisitor, and you'll be my slave!

[They back up]

Princess Skystar: If that's how it's gonna be. So be it!

[Back to Chris, he is reloading his gatling gun as the troopers open fire at him, but each of their shots is delfected by the metal shield on the Gatling Gun's post. As Dudley then crawls over to one trooper and jumps onto thim, then picks up a rock out of nowhere and slams it on the trooper's head a few times, killing him. Then off at the left, there's a huge blast!]

[Out of the sky come Rebel ships]

Brian: It's the Resistance!

[The Rebel ships then fly in and start firing lasers at the clones as Chris then finishes reloading, and he then fires the gatling gun again taking out more troopers]

[As the trooper continue their line of of fire as Rebels then race in and start shooting down the Clone Troopers]

[but then a Clone Trooper gunship flies in and starts shooting down the rebel troops! Chris then spots it and opens fire upon it, but then he's struck in the shoulder with a blaster bolt]

Chris: AH!! [falls over and clenches his shoulder] Ow!

[As one of the troopers fire a flame thrower on the ship, getting some of the Rebels as Chris then notices a truck full of troopers driving in, as he then gets back uo and opens fire at the truck shooting down all troopers in it as he continues to fire upon the gunship managing to shoot out the pilot. As Selena makes a headshot for one of the gunner on the ship as Shining Armor then picks up a rocket launcher]

Shining Armor: FIRE IN THE HOLE!! [fires]

[the rocket shoots through the air and hits the gunship, blowing it to smithereens]

[Chris then notices that Sideshow Bob is getting away and he stabs him in the chest and kicks him off the city and falls into the ocea]

Alter: Chris! I should have known you had a heart of a Rebel in you. But now, let's see if you can save... [pulls out Sunset] Her!


Alter: It's too late now! You'll never see her again!

Chris: Thomas! You and the others destroy the Clone pods! Alter is mine!

Thomas: Right!

[They split up]

Slate: What do we do, what do we do?

Samantha: Don't panic! I have an idea!

[As more troopers are killed, Samantha brings the 2 towards a tank]

Slate: How long have you had this?

Samantha: For some time. Mount up!

[they then hop in as Samantha gets it starts as the tank rolls out and it begins blasting everything]

Buttercream Sunday: Auntie Jud, they got a tank!

Slate: Bunnies, Foxy! Do you remember us?

Samanatha: Samantha and Slate! That's us! [laughs]

[they began firing the gun again as Nick gets a drill]

Slate: Oh, that's good!

Nick Wilde: [After a few tries, he gets the drill running as he then begins drilling into one of the control wires]

Samantha: We're coming for you, bunnies! [fires the turrets]

Judy Hopps: [as one the bullets scortches her arm] Ah!

Nick Wilde: Come on, come on! [soon he destroys the control wires which causes the whole thing to spark and sputter]

[And soon, guns stop]

Samantha: What?!

[we see the control wires have been broken as the seperated ends spark]

Slate: [beating the control panel] Damn this piece of junk!

[Then Nick coms around]]

Samantha: Hey, we're gonna squash you animals!

Nick Wilde: Hey girls! Here! [he then jams the drill on the driver's cab and starts drilling on it]


[then they hear a drilling sound and then look to see the drill starting to break through]

Nick Wilde: [as Douglas Quiad] SCREW YOU!!!

[They scream as Nick kills them with the drill]

Nick Wilde: [panting as he turns off the drill and throws them aside]

Ezra: Guys. We've rescued the Equinelantis Jedi Council members! They're all okay.

Kanan: Good going Ezra. But now we need to get them out of here.

[Then the Griffin/Eeveelution fighter lands on a platform and the door opens up]

Glaceon: Maybe we can hep with that

[But then a Clone Equine Trooper sees this happening and he notices a fuel pod and fires and hits the fuel, causing a fiery explosion but Kanan runs up and blocks it with the Force]

Hera: Kanan! [she runs trying to help him]

[However, Kanan force pushes her back to the ship and he turns back to her, and force pushes her in the ship and his sight has been restored and then he force pushes the ship out as the fuel pod explodes. And as the ship flies out, everyone mourns over his death]