This is where our heroes resurface Equinelantis back into Equestria in Equinelantis: The Lost Equestrian Kingdom.

[later we see all or heroes in the center of the city]

King Solar Flare: Citizens of Equinelantis, we gather here today to celebrate a great event amonst us. With my 2 daughters. Our city sank beneath the surface years ago, but now, witrh their help, we will resurface it!

[Crowd cheers]

King Solar Flare: [lights his horn]

Princess Celestia: [lights her horn]

Princess Luna: [lights her horn]

Cadance: [lights her horn]

Yuna: [lights her horn]

Skyla: [lights her horn]

Nyx: [lights her horn]

Twilight: [lights her horn]

Shining Armor: [lights his horn]

[then the diamond, Blue Ruby, Black Pearl, Elements of Harmony begin to glow and rise]

Optimus: [opens his chest and the Matrix flies out]

Thomas: [opens up his own chest and the Train-Prime's Matrix flies out]

Brian: [uses the Force]

[Then all the relics start spinning in a circle, and then they all start to glow intensely]

[Then a huge force-field engulfs the whole city, and it starts to raise]

[back on the surface]

[outside Canterlot, the whole ground begins to shake, and then a giant hole opens up and then Equinelantis slowly raises out of it, many of the civilians watch in awe and then the whole comes to the surface and stops]

Equinelantians: ["ooh and "Awe" at the sight of the surface after so many years]

King Solar Flare: [sighs] I've dreamed about seeing our sunlight once again.

Princess Celestia: And your wish came true.

Princess Luna; And tonight, I'll give you the best veiw of the Moon.

Hiro: I love it. And maybe when we have the time, we can show you how everything has changed.

Brian: Not a bad idea.

Thomas: But, first. We'll have to show the citizens you. [points to a large crowd coming to Equinelantis]