Claw Jaw
Like Tigatron before him, when Claw Jaw first emerged from his stasis pod his beast instincts overwhelmed his Cybertronian personality. Though eventually restored to himself, his squid instincts still form a huge portion of his psychology, motivating much of the way he acts, fights, and hunts. He even keeps an undersea lair in the deepest and coldest part of Earth's seas. Claw Jaw gives a lot of attention to protecting it when Predacons stray too near. It is a job for which he is well suited: The suckers on his eight arms can drain the energon right out of a robot and into Claw Jaw. Combine that with a crushing grip, razor-sharp fangs, and robotic claw weapon, and few Predacons escape to inform on the refuge he so fiercely protects.

Claw Jaw is a rather simple bot without great endurance, firepower, or intelligence, but he makes up for that with courage and impressive undersea speed, even if his ingrained "squiddy-ness" sometimes weirds out his fellow Maximals.



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