This is how Cliffjumper and Arcee are introduced and Cliffjumper gets killed in episode 1 of Ryan F-Freeman's Adventures of Transformers: Prime.

[Beneath the purple clouds, the warm golden glow of sunrise. A red muscle car with horns on it's bonnet races down a dirt road. This is the Autobot Cliffjumper]

Cliffjumper: So, there I was, keeping a watchful eye. When all of sudden, out of nowhere, the cops come along. And then it hits me. I'm illegaly parked.

[Elswhere, is motorcyle Autobot Arcee]

Arcee: Another parking ticket?

Cliffjumper: No, better. A metal wheel clap.

Arcee: They're meant to be impossible to remove.

Cliffjumper: Bingo. So, I let the cops do their thing, then I let them get all the way up the street. And then, BAM! I kick off the clamp. They couldn't believe their eyes.

Arcee: Some things never change.

Cliffjumper: Well, you know me, Arcee. Mess with Cliffjumper...

Arcee: ...And you get the horns.

Cliffjumper: You know, patrolling for Energon here in Dullsville gets a good kick...[detects something] Arcee, I think I got something.

Arcee: Do you require backup?

Cliffjumper: Do I ever need backup?

[Cliff then turns to an Energon field and transforms]

Cliffjumper: Arcee, I just stumbled across a huge Energon field.

[The Nemesis appears]

Arcee: [on COMM system] Cliff, what's going on?

Cliffjumper:Uh, Arcee, about that backup.

[theme plays]

[theme ends]

[we then see Vehicons come out and attack Cliff]

Cliffjumper: Decepticons!

[Then a magic ball missed Cliffjumper]

Cliffjumper: What the?![he looks in the direction it came]

Evil Ryan: Hello, Bot. [his pendant glows orange]

[Behind Evil Ryan, Bertram and Evil Anna come out]

Cliffjumper: You three?!

[after a long fight, they capture him]

Arcee:[on Comm] Optimus, do you read me over?

Optimus Prime: Yes, Arcee. What is the matter?

Arcee: Cliffjumper isn't responding. He may need back up.

Optimus Prime: I'll get the others.

[Meanwhile, on the Nemesis, Starscream glares at the burnt out crater]

Ryvine Sparkle: Starscream. What's going on down there?

Starscream: Those idiots just destroyed the Energon field.

[with Optimus]

Optimus Prime: Ratchet get the other Auobots. Cliffjumper may be in trouble.

[we see Ratchet driving]

Ratchet: Optimus, the Autobots are scattered across the world.

Optimus Prime: Use the groundbridge. We must rescue Cliffjumper. Bumblebee, Bulkhead, Ratchet, Arcee, and Major Malfunction! Get to the groundbridge.

[On the Nemesis]

Ryvine Sparkle: Master Xehanort. When did Bertram be able to talk?

Master Xehanort: It's a long story.

Vehicon: Commander Starscream, we have the Autobot.

Ryvine Sparkle: Perfect. Let Bertram to talk to the bot.

Cliffjumper: I'm not talking.

Bertram T. Monkey: Ok, Cliff. I want you to tell us.

Cliffjumper: Not talking.[pretends to zip his lips]

Bertram T. Monkey: You better start telling us.[summons his Keyblade] Or you will be exterminated!

[Cliffjumper sighs and shakes his head for no]

Bertram T. Monkey: [stabs and kills him]

[as the Nemesis leaves, a ground bridge opens and Arcee, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Bulkhead, Malfunction and Optimus jump out]

[seeing that nothing was there, they lowered their weapons]

Major Malfuntion:(commences scan) Hmm. This place had a lot of Energon before it was blown.

Optimus Prime: Autobots, find Cliffjumper.

[Then Arcee finds one of Cliff's horns]

Arcee: Mal, can you identify this?

Major Malfunction:[scans it] It's one of Cliff's.

[he looks around]

Major Malfunction: I'm also picking up traces of magic.

Arcee: Magic?

Major Malfunction: In the wrong hands it is extremely dangerous. It allows the user to defy the laws of physics.

[Ratchet looks at the dot disappearing]

Ratchet: Uh-oh.

Major Malfunction: What do you mean "Uh-oh"?

Ratchet: Cliffjumper's life signature just gone offline.

[he clenches his fist]

(later that day, the Autobots are having a memorial for Cliff)

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