Sci-Ryan: Well done, everything!

Then someone just grab Fico, Chopper, Donald, Crash, Bender and Owen away

Sci-Ryan: Crash?

Fry: Bender?

Usopp: Chopper?

Cody: Owen?

Otto: Fico?

Goofy: Donald?

[They saw a Red Knight carried them in a sack]

Sci-Ryan: After him!

They chased after the Red Knight to save their friends and they saw the Red Knight went to the next studio

???: Hey, there.

They saw Earl, Robin, Sora, Doki, Courtney and Fransworth

Robin: Boys, did you see that Red Knight?

Usopp: Well, yes. And he snatched, Chopper, Bender, Fico, Owen, Donald and Crash. We have to save them!

Goofy: Or he'll do something worst to them!

Earl: Great! I'll catch it all on film.

Fry: Yeah! Like it doesn't catch us first.

Sci-Ryan: Where's Ryan? Is he with us, Sora?

Sora: No, he's with the others in the Studio.

Sci-Ryan: Phew. Thanks, Sora.

Sora: Don't worry about him. His Father is with him in the Studio.

Sci-Ryan: Yes. We have to rescue them. You and Ryan cannot become masters without Donald and Crash. Cody created Ryan and made him his brother. What do you say? With my smartness and our Keyblade skills, we'll be unbeatable.

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