This is how

Tyler: So we're making plans for Lindsay's birthday.

Owen: Really, hope you have some food for her Birthday.

Then Trent, Noah, Duncan and Cody are here

Trent: Hey, you guys! Oh!

Trent, Duncan, Noah and Cody saw Gwen, Courtney and Dawn

Duncan: Courtney, I didn't know you're here.







Ace: What's going on? Did you have ackward time?

Trent: No. Eva and Justin got into a fight so they banned us to see each other.

Cody: And Sierra forbidden me to see Gwen.

Ace: So no wonder why they're in a fight. What does it have to do with you, boys?

Trent: Well, we have to avoid to get kicked out of Collage.

Ace: Oh no, here she is.

They saw Eva outside

Trent: Hide!

Trent, Duncan, Gwen, Noah, Cody and Courtney hide, so Eva won't see them and she's gone.

Doki: Is she gone?

Gabi: Yeah.

Trent, Gwen, Courtney, Duncan, Cody and Noah came out of their hiding spot

Gwen: Trent, we can't risk seeing each other.

Trent: But, Gwen. You're my friend.

Courtney: Well, there's one solution. We just have to hang out where's no chance to be seen, you know. Keep it a Secret.

Duncan: Then that's what we'll do. We can't lose you girls again, Cause me, Trent and Noah are closer to you girls, then my right hand.

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