Duncan: Oh, there's no way, Courtney can help me. She's probably mad at me after I cheated on her back in World Tour.

Ryan: Come on, Duncan. She finally got over it. She can help you.

Sora: He's right. And it's been 3 Years, maybe she finally get it over with.


Courtney is using dummy of Duncan as a Punching Bag and she got a Call

Phone: You got a Call from...

Ryan (on phone): Ryan F-Freeman. The Prime-prince of Friendship and Keyblade wielder.

Courtney: I'll accept.

It show Ryan on the Screen

Ryan: Duncan's In Trouble. And he needs help. Now, I don't like you and you don't like me.

Courtney: Actually, I like you.

Ryan: You do? Look, are you gonna help him or not?

Courtney: Like I care, Ryan.

Ryan: Wait! Wait! Wait! What is it you like best about me?

After the phone

Sora: Well?

Ryan: She's on her Way. But I do know she like me.

Sci-Ryan: You do? Ha! I can beleve it! What is it? Fry's day off or something?

Then they saw a Giant Juicer outside

Duncan: What's this?

Emperor: It's the Juice-A-Matic 4000. It'll strain my juices from you while filtering out the pulp. By which I mean, your shredded remains.

Duncan: This is the worst day of my life. But I didn't cry!

Crash Bandicoot: Maybe I can grab Duncan and spin him, splitting the liquid from his highness.

Emperor: No, it won't work. It make me dizzy and I don't want be throw up from him.

Crash: (Sigh) So much for that.

Then they heard splash noise from outside

Ryan: Hey, it's Courtney!

They saw Courtney fighting the Liquid Creature and they swarm her

Sci-Ryan: Oh no! They got her outnumbered!

Duncan: I can't believe it. She's risking her life for me after the way I treated her. I don't deserve this. I feel terrible.

Ryan: You are? Hmm...

Duncan: Is she okay?

Ryan: Let me check.

He look outside and he pretended to think Courtney is outnumbered

Ryan: Oh my! She's going to the juicer!

Duncan: No! No!

Sci-Ryan: I think she is...

Ryan covered his mouth

Ryan: They destroyed her into the Juicer!

Duncan: This can't be happening.

Ryan: And they are putting some ice cubes and a lemon in a cup!

Duncan tear rolled out and went into the Bottle

Duncan: All Courtney ever wanted to do was help me. But I was to proud, too stupid to accept it. [He throws his crown across the room.] And it's all my fault, I never would have cheated her back in World Tour, and it because I was so stupid to focus on Gwen, instead of her! I guess I deserve it for I done to her.

Courtney: What are you talking about?

Duncan saw Courtney alive

Duncan: Courtney! You're alive!

Ryan: I told Duncan, you are dead so he would cry out the Emperor, until you mess up.

Donald: Hey! Sci-Ryan was about to tell you Crash and Sci-Ryan can help!

Then the door is leaking

Emperor: (laughs) It's only the matter of time now.

Goofy: Don't worry, I can stop them!

He seal it

Sci-Ryan: Let me help! [points his Keyblade at the water] FREEZE!!

He froze them

Courtney: Listen, Duncan, the only I can get you out of this, if you could let me help you.

Duncan: Alright, thank you. And this time, I'll take all the help that you want.

Courtney: Um, last time, I really hated you since Total Drama Action, or maybe World Tour because that boyfriend stealer took you for the worst happening, and until now, we just broke up in All-Stars. I'm so happy with that moment. And now, I see you in Radiant Garden since you blew up Chris' cottage.

Duncan: Yeah, I know, but Gwen hates me, and I broke up with her already. So, did you have to start over again for my relationship with you?

Courtney: (happy cheers) Yay! I'm so proud of you, Duncan! I'm in love with you again. And the one more thing...Gwen doesn't love you again.

Duncan: Okay, sure. 


Duncan: Woo-hoo! I finally got my relationship back with Courtney! Ha ha ha! But... How can I get the Emperor out?

End of Confession

Courtney stomp on his foot

Duncan: Ow! What was that for!?

She slap him

Duncan: Hey, come on! Ow! They hurt!

Courtney: I know, Sci-Ryan. Help me.

Sci-Ryan: Take that![punches Duncan]

Duncan: Ow!

Then the tear roll down his eye to the Bottle

Duncan: Oh, now I get it.

Courtney: It's working!

They are helping him cry out the Emperor

Duncan: Thanks, guys. Ryan and Sora are the Keyblade wielders like the other ones. Ouch! Cut it out, Donald. That's a Tender area!

Courtney: How are we doing, Sci-Ryan?

Sci-Ryan: Good! We're one tenth of the way there.

Crash Bandicoot: [hits Duncan with his shoe] I know, right?

Minutes Later

They are tired out and Crash is kicking and he got tired

Crash Bandicoot: Phew. Alright, it's your turn.

Someone is beating him up with a Chair

Duncan: Ow! Wait, who are you?

Emperor: I'm the Emperor, thanks for crying me out.

Duncan look at his stomach and realised that he's out

Duncan: You're welcome.

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