Doki: Puberty.

Gabi: Our worst nightmare.

Morgana: The only thing worst then a kid going through Puberty is being the friend of a teenager going through Puberty. Remember when I had bumper sticker at Akira's Room for a while? Nobody seen it.

Then Otto is packing his stuff

Mundi: Otto? Are you packing to go with Ryan?

Otto: No! I'm going home. I can't take it anymore, you guys. I'm leaving! I'm going to... I don't know, my parents, my cousin's, Well! I'll even go to military school, I don't know.

Morgana: Look. It won't be so bad. I remember that Akihiko told me that he and Shinjiro got through Mitsuru's Puberty.

Anabelle: Barely.


Mitsuru: (Angry) What do you mean, every month?

Shinjiro and Akihiko are scared of her, and Shinjiro using a fork to defend himself

Akihiko: Stay back! But Mitsuru, it's glory of being a woman.

Mitsuru throw those away

Mitsuru: (Angry) I'm not using these! I'll never using these!

She's going to sit down the chair

Both: Don't!

Too late, she sat down

A year later

At Gekkoukan High

Mitsuru look so angry about her chest stop growing

Mitsuru: (Angry) This is as big as they're gonna get?!

Shinjiro and Akihiko are scared from here. And Shinjiro using a Stapler to fire at her

Shinjiro: (Crying) Why? Why would they stop growing!?

A Year Ago

Mitsuru got a Zit

Mitsuru: I'm hideous!

Akihiko and Shinjiro are scared from here and Shinjiro using a Torch

Akihiko: Mitsuru, you can't even see it.

Shinjiro: It's pretty.

Then Junpei appeared and he saw Mitsuru's Zit

Junpei: Oh my. Mitsuru, you have a zit on your face. Where did you get that? The Greasy food?

Mitsuru toss him out the window and burn to lounge

Flashback end

Doki are packing his stuff

Doki: Here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to wear these shoes and pack my flip flops.

Gabi: I don't think we're ready to have Puberty and make the changes. And even though, Fico will get Man Breath and a Man's Voice... (Sigh) I just he could stay young.

Otto: Not me. I want him to skip Puberty and jump right to 21, so we can go have a shot and shave. We can finally discuss about our teenage life's. Tired of talking to the kids about that movie and just a blank stare.

Then Fico appeared

Fico: Hey, dorks! I cleaned all the kids stuff from my room. I'm going to send them to my parents, then go for a jog. You know, clear my head.

Anabelle: it's a little chilly outside, wear a sweater.

Fico: Hey! You're my friend, not my thermometer.

[he left]

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