Donald, Goofy, Sci-Ryan, Crash, Owen, Cody, Bender, Fry, Otto and Fico are in the Basement and they saw something

Donald: Check out that Creepy Book.

They look at the Book of Grinwald and Usopp pick it up and Chopper saw something

Chopper: Usopp! Look what I found.


He pick the paper and he know it's a clue

Usopp: Hey, maybe it's a Clue.

Sci-Ryan: Cool. I think the bad guys can bite Bender's shiney metal bum.

Bender: Yeah!

Then a Ghost appeared, and it scared our Heroes, then the book fell off of Usopp's hand and then Hand just hooked the Ghost into the Book

Sci-Ryan: Did you see that, everyone?

Fry: Yeah, Why?

Sci-Ryan: That book just grab that ghost like an Eggplant and Marshmallow Sandwich.

Owen: Wow. Owen could have tell.

Fry: Well, we better show this to Robin. She's an Archaeologist. She knows about Books, let's go see her.

Sci-Ryan: I can lead the way. Come on.

They went off to see her

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