Professor Fransworth: Fry, Doki. I need you to do something for me.

Fry: For what, Professor?

Professor Fransworth: For something you and your friends, Doki.

Doki: For me, Fico, Gabi and Otto?! This is Great! What's called?

Professor Fransworth: I call it a Superhero suit!

Doki: Superhero Suit!? Alright! So how can we build it?

Professor Fransworth: I need a hammer and a Wrench.

Fry: Okay, We'll find a Hammer and a Wrench for you.

They went off and they found the Hammer and the Wrench under a stack of objects

Fry: The Hammer and the Wrench! At the bottom of a giant pile of dangerous rubble!

[He and Doki reach down and pull Hammer and the Wrench free, the pile shift and fall right of him and Doki and they got crush]

Minutes Later

[They stand around a toaster-like machine, about the size of a small car. The lever pops up and Fry and Doki appears from the chamber at the top]

Doki: Hey, I'm alive.

Fry: Oh, what happened?

Leela: You two got crushed under a two tonnes of debris.

Bender: And you both died!

He and Fico luagh and Doki and Fry is angry at them

Bender: I guess, you have to be there.

Fico: And it was funny.

Doki: Professor, if that was me and Fry died there? Why are we here?

Professor Fransworth: You're also you and him, thanks to my latest invention, the Reanimator! When you die, it will automatically make an exact duplicate of you, based on your x-rays, a DNA sample and scrapings from the inside of your tennis shoes and your fur.

Doki: Really?

Fry: Wow, when did you invented?

Professor Fransworth: About a week ago, and I've been trying to kill you to test it ever since.

Leela: What was death look like?

Doki: First, everything went dark. Then we are floating in the Darkness and then our heart is floating around at us.

Fry: Oh, Professor! Here are the hammer and wrench me and Doki die getting for you.

Professor Fransworth: The whu? Oh, you can keep that piece of junk. I only made you to look for it to get you out of my metaphorical hair.

Now he and Doki can use these

Professor Fransworth: Now if you want to look for some tools I actually need, why don't you find the ones missing from my tool rack.

Doki: Alright, which one?

Professor Fransworth: All of them, they're all in the Radiant Garden somewhere and I can't invent the Superhero Suit without them. Can you find them and put them back?

Doki: Yes.

Fry: No, Problem oh.

After they got all the Tools for the Superhero Suit

Professor Fransworth: Wonderful, all my tools are back in place, even the ones I didn't need.

Fry: Ones you didn't need!?

Doki: Why you litte....

They look angry at him, Leela and Gabi hold them back

Professor Fransworth: (laugh) Sadly though, there something missing for me to invent.

Bender & Fico: Not another Blueprints. Not another Blueprints.

Professor Fransworth: Another Blueprints for Gabi, Otto and Fico's Superhero Suit!

Bender & Fico: Aw, man!

Mundi: What about the Blueprints from your World?

Professor Fransworth: I did, I lost them on my way back to Planet Express. Except the three of them, I pawn them to the Digital version of Radiant Garden.

Doki: We'll get them for you.

Fry: Yeah, why you pawn it to the Digital version of Radiant Garden?

Professor Fransworth: For the same reason pawns everything in other Worlds. To get a Weapon. And I finished the Suit for you, Doki.

He give the Ray Gun to Fry. The Superhero Suit, Sword and Shield to Doki

Doki: Cool! I got a Suit that makes me Stronger! With a Sword and Shield! This is Awesome!

Professor Fransworth: Okay, you two. Go to the Pawn shop at the Digital Radiant Garden. And get those Blueprints. You have to use the Gateway in the Castle

Doki: We cannot.

Fry: He's right. Those Guards won't allow any visitors to get in the Castle.

Professor Fransworth: Oh, yes. You should use the Portal to the Virtual World, it will lead you to Digital Radiant Garden.

Doki: What? You want us to go to the Virtual World? What about the Computer Virus?

Professor Fransworth:


They enter the Virtual World

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