Ryan got a phone call and he's a little kid before he became a Techno-organic

Ryan: Hello?

Kumamon: Hi. Is Typants here?

Ryan: Who?

Kumamon: Typants. First name, Smar.

Ryan: Let me check. Smarty Pants? Is someone called Smarty Pants here?

They laugh for what he said

Crash: Be careful what you wish for!

Ryan: Wait a sec. Hey! How dare you! When I get a hold of you, I'll glue your weapon to your butt and chuck you to the moon!

Kumamon: (Laugh)

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Tino got a Phone Call

Tino: Hi, this is Tino.

Kumamon: Hello. Is Enguts there?

Tino: Who?

Kumamon: Enguts. First name Jok.

Tino: Ok. Let me check. Is there a Joker guts? Is there a person named Joker guts?

His friends Carver, Tish and Lor are laugh for what he said

Carver: I think you Tished that one, Pumpkin Pie.

Tino: Huh? Wait. Listen you, when I get there in your world! I will take your fractal code and use my laptop to delete them!

Kumamon: (Laugh)

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Bad Cop got a Phone call

Bad Cop: Bad Cop, here.

Kumamon: Hello. Is Batt here?

Bad Cop: Who?

Kumamon: Batt. First name Harry.

Bad Cop: Hold on. Um, is there Hairy Butt? Hairy Butt?

Emmett, Wyldstyle, Batman, Benny, Unikitty laugh for what he said

Emmett: You can lay off the coffee.

Bad Cop: Listen you! When I catch you, I'll tape your arms and legs to a table and whack you with a tennis racket!

Kumamon: (Laugh)

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Squidward got a Phone Call

Squidward: Hello. Krusty Krab.

Kumamon: Hey. Is Quid here?

Squidward: Who?

Kumamon: Quid. Funnys.

Squidward: Hold on. Uhh. Funny Squid. Is anyone here named Funny Squid?

The Customer laugh for what he said

Spongebob: Good one, Squidward!

Mr Krabs: That is funny, Mr. Squidward.

Squidward: Wait a sec. Listen here, you unknown caller, when I find out who you are, I'll burn you!

Kumamon: (Laugh)

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Stan Smith got a Phone Call at the C.I.A

Stan: This is the C.I.A.

Kumamon: Is Crash here?

Stan: Who?

Kumamon: Crash. Last name, D. Ummy.

Stan: Let me check. Hey, I have a call for Crash Dummy. Is there anyone who is Crash Dummy?

They laugh for what he said

Bullock: You knocked that one.

Stan: I'm gonna chop you to little bits and make you to a Rubix cube. Which I will never solve!

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Otto got a Phone call

Otto: Hi.

Kumamon: Hey. Is Betty here?

Otto: Who?

Kumamon: Betty. Last name Seeds.

Otto: Wait a moment.

Doki, Mundi, Anabelle, Fico and Gabi laugh for what he said

Fico: Nice one, buddy!

Doki: You do like a smitten kitten, Otto.

Otto: Wait a Second. Listen here's you Digimon Polar Bear! When I came back to your world, I will give you a kick and send you to the ocean!

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Moe got a Phone call

Moe: Moe's Tavern.

Kumamon: Hi, I need to talk to Mike.

Moe: Who?

Kumamon: Mike. Last name, Pouch.

Moe: My pouch! My Pouch! Has anyone seen my pouch lately?

They laugh

Moe: Wait a minute. One of these days, I'm gonna catch you and I'm gonna carve my name on your back with an ice pick!

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Zoro got a phone call

Zoro: Hi.

Kumamon: Hi, is Head here?

Zoro: Who?

Kumamon: Head. First named Moss.

Zoro: Let me check. Guys, I have a call for Moss Head. Is anyone here, Moss Head?

Luffy and his crew laugh for what he said

Sanji: I know I can clean that!

Zoro: It's you. Listen. When I get a hold of you, I will pull out your armor and sharpen my weapons with them!

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Terra got a Phone call

Terra: Yes?

Kumamon: Hello. Is Betty here?

Terra: Who?

Kumamon: Betty. Last name Butz.


Then Aqua, Eruptor, Jet-Vac, Pop-Fizz, Stealth Elf, Spyro and Ventus are laughing for what he said

Ventus: You got that, Terra!

Terra: Wait. Listen you. When I catch you in the Digital World that Master Eraqus told me, I'll use my Keyblade on you before my Mark of Mastery!

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Brian Griffin got a Phone Call

Brian: Hi, this is Brian.

Kumamon: Is Guy here?

Brian: Who?

Kumamon: Guy. First name Doki.

Brian: Uhh. Doggy guy? Doggy guy? Is Doggy guy here?

His Family Laugh

Peter: I sure am.

Brian: Listen you. When I catch you, I will pull out your ears and wax my car with them!

End of the Clip

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