Everyone look so shocked because they saw Luffy and Owen eating all the food in front of everyone, Owen ate all the burger and French Fries, Luffy drink all the Soda and eat all the Meat, and they eat everything, the chef bring them more food

Chef: I never seen anything like this, are you boys tasting my food?

Luffy: Yes. It's the best food we ever had.

Owen: Can't talk. Eating.

They drink all the Gumbo and disgusted the Customer and their friends​ saw them eat, the Spaghetti, Macaroni and cheese, Kabobs, Steaks, Onion Rings, Fish, Chicken Nuggets, Nachos, Meatloaf, Mash Potatoes with Gravy, Sushi, Dumpling, Ramen, Sandwich, Hot Dogs, Ribs, Pancakes, Sausages, Ham, Soups and Riceball

Nami: So... how's the food?

Luffy: Pretty Good.

Owen: Owen thinks it's good.

Gwen: Is there anything left in the kitchen?

Chef: I'll be back, boys. I have to get to the market to buy some food.

He went off

Trent: Come on, you too. We have to begin our training.

Luffy: We would but we can't leave. Because we didn't have our dessert yet.

Owen: Yeah. We can't do our training on an empty stomach.

Duncan: Alright, we'll wait for you, when you're done.

They left, Luffy and Owen saw some Hot Sauce

Luffy: You thinking what I'm thinking?

Owen: Oh, yeah. It's on!

They are gonna get it, and Owen got his hand burn from the hot sauce called "The Grim ReaPepper"

Owen: Ow! Oh Primus! That's hot!

Luffy: So I guess we have an Eating Contest.

Owen: Owen thinks so.

Both: Let's eat!

The put the regular hot sauce on their food, and they are trying to hold their taste from the Hot Sauce

Luffy: What's the matter, Owen? Can't take the Heat?

Owen bring out the second hot sauce

Owen: Top that.

He put all the hot sauce on their food and they still hold their taste from the Hot Sauce

Luffy: Can't feel a thing.

Owen: Wanna give up? Or go to the Boss?

Luffy: You know what! Let's skip to the Boss Level! The Grim ReaPepper! Scared, Big Boy?

Owen: Ok.

Luffy put a drop of the Hot Sauce and it's not enough for Owen

Owen: What's wrong? Are you a pirate or a chicken?

Luffy doesn't want him to call a chicken, so he put all the hot Sauce on their food. And they are them all, and they try to hold and they can't take it anymore and blow fire out of their mouth because of the Hot Sauce and it burn their Tongue

Both: [screams] Water! Water! Water!!! WATER!!!!!

They went off to find Water to get rid of the Hot Sauce

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