Cubert J Fransworth and Dwight Conrad are in the Play

Teacher: One more time!

Cubert & Dwight: In the name of the...

Teacher: Stop! Stop! Stop! You two sounds like a Mouse, boys. You must project! And again...

Cubert & Dwight: In the Name of the Gods!

Then they heard and evil laugh

Cubert: Ms Hilken... is that you? I think?

They saw the Phantom and they running Away and screaming

Minutes Later

The Planet Express crew have arrived at the School

Hermes: I can't wait to see my boy, thanks for helping him out, everyone.

Leela: No problem, Hermes. We're happy to help, right, Bender?


They made it to the school

Leela: Alright, let's split up. We're going to find Cubert and Dwight faster that way.

Fry: Well, me and Bender will go that way.


Fry: If we're gonna dance for Dwight and Cubert's Contest. We need to find a way to get in there.

Bender: Ok. The other dancers can bite my shiny metal behind!

They went off to playground then their walkie talkie is beeping

Leela: (on walkie talkie):


Leela (on walkie talkie) Hey, boys. You need to find a way into the school Cubert and Dwight should be inside.



Leela (on Walkie talkie) Okay, keep me posited. Leela out!

Fry: Okay, Bender. We have to be real quite sneaking around here, or else the teacher find us we're history.


They made it to school and they saw the box from planet Express


They are gonna get and they got it

Fry: That's worth five hundred coins.

Then they heard something and it was Conrad and Dwight

Conrad: Hey, what are you doing here?

Fry: We're Fry and Bender... The Garden Inspectors!

Dwight: Wait, you're Fry and Bender, right?

Bender: Yes.

Fry: And you must Conrad and Dwight.

Conrad: Of course.

Fry: Well, we're here to help you win your contest.

They are dancing

Dwight: Well, we do need some real help.

Conrad: We haven't been able to finish a single dress rehearsal since the Phantom started haunting the theatre.

Fry: What, did you say Phantom?

Conrad: Duh. The Phantom of the High School Musical. He keeps terrorising us whatever we're in the theatre. Miss Hillken still isn't happy with our performance, and the contest is this weekend.

Bender: Who's Miss Hillken?

Dwight: Miss Hillken is our Drama Teacher.

Fry: Alright! But first, like it we're gonna go find the Phantom... we need to know... is there anyway to get into the school?

Conrad: The Door is locked, so I guess the door to Cafeteria is still open.

Fry: Okay, we'll head there. And Thanks.

They went off

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