Ryan: Wait, Gwen. I can explain.

Gwen: Explain what? You're gonna make me go back to Duncan? Going to dump Trent? Make him sad? Or broke up with him? Making fun out of me? I was honest with you. I told you how I felt with Trent.

Ryan: No. But, I felt the same way like you.

Gwen: No, you don't, because I would never treated you that way. You know what, we're done for good. Ryan... Techno-organic... Who ever you are? I'm done, goodbye!

She walk away angrily

Ryan: Gwen...

Then Duncan saw the whole thing

Ryan: Duncan? You saw the whole thing?

Duncan: Yeah, I did.

Courtney appeared

Courtney: Duncan.

Duncan: Not now, Courtney. Got some training to do right now. Sorry, there are some things going on with Ryan

Courtney: This day was a disaster. I organized everything and that boy ruined everything. I don't care if he's here to help.

Duncan: He has a complicated life.

Courtney: What's going on, Duncan? You know what, I don't have time for secret and lies... And I think I could ever be happy who's so comfortable living with them.

Duncan: And you shouldn't have to be. Look, me and Ryan... We need to sort some thing out and I kinda have to be there for him, right now... I'm sorry.

Courtney: Yeah, me too.

Now Ryan felt guilty for what he done, he make Gwen not talking to him for make her going back with Duncan and Courtney and Duncan broke their relationship, and now he mess up everything for what he done

Ryan: What have I done? I tried my best to help them, but instead I hit rock bottom. [thinks for a moment] I know. I'll go shopping.

He went off Shopping and he saw Guitar

Ryan: A Guitar, Trent would love this to have this in his College. Too bad, he's not here anymore.

[End of Clip]

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