Nami: Alright. Robot. When will you give back our skeleton friend.

Zoey: Give us Mike back!

Robot Devil: Sorry, but I hold all the cards here. There's nothing I can do. Now, if you'll just sign this fiddle contest waiver.

[Luffy takes the pen but Leela stops him.]

Leela: Wait. What fiddle contest?

Robot Devil: The Fairness in Underworld act in 2275, required me if you can best me in a fiddle contest, you'll win back Mike's and Brook's Souls, as well as the Solid Gold Fiddle.

Usopp: What does it look like? But, wouldn't a solid gold fiddle weight many pound and sound crummy?

Robot Devil: Well, it's mostly for show.

Doki: Do you all know how to play the Fiddle?

They shake their head

Luffy: Not us.

Doki: Do you and Ryan know how to play the fiddle?

Sora: No. Ryan can sing however. You, Chopper?

Chopper: No. But, I can play the drums. It's a bit the same.

Robin: What happened if we lose.

Robot Devil: You only get a smaller siver fiddle. Also, I'll kill one of you like them.

Cody, Usopp, Fico, Daffy, Whisper, Donald and Sci-Ryan look scared

Doki: It's a deal!

Robot Devil: Very well, then. Beat this.

[He plays the violin

Brook: Well. We're done for.

Robot Devil: You're turn.

Ryan is gonna play it it, he play awful

Chopper: Ow! Give me that!

He grab it

Robot Devil: Ha!

Ryan: Now it is time for a drum solo. Now, Chopper!

Chopper: Ok, Ryan!

He hit the Robot Devil with a Golden Fiddle

Trent: Run!

[They do. Hellbots and flying bugbots chase them. The bugbots shoot laser rings at them. Mike and Brook pulls a pair of wings off a bugbot and flies in and grabs our heroes who are swarmed by a crowd of Hellbots with pitchforks. Mike and Brook ascends and heads for small hole in the roof.]

Robot Devil: Stop them! They cheated!

[A bugbot shoots three laser rings at the trio. Two miss but one catches on Mike and Brook's head antenna, forming a halo. The Hallelujah chorus plays and they get closer to the hole. The bots pull chains to close the hole.]

Chopper: Can't they fly faster!?

Crash: They would if you drop the stupid golden violin, Reindeer..

Chopper: Ok, Crash. You're the Keyblade wielding Bandicoot.

[He drops it. It hits Beezlebot on the head. He squeals and they escape through the hole.]

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