Luffy is at the Dock and he saw a Giant Lobster and he run away from it

Minutes Later

Owen: Clams, Shrimp, Lobster, sardines, Mmmm.... Man, I can taste them now!

Fry: Me too.

Doki: Welcome to Rocky Bay, everyone!

Hermes: That's strange.... the Village looks deserted.

Amy: It's the height of tourist season. Where is everyone.

Mundi: Well, I guess we should do the investigation.

Doki: Why don't you guys take Bender, Noah, Owen and Cody and check out the boats along the shore. Me, Gabi, Trent, Gwen, Courtney, Duncan, Fry and Leela will go find some locals.

Fry: Looks like we'll be clue hunting instead of fishing for tonight's dinner.

Leela: Yeah.

[They went off and they saw a Crab and Many Crabs]

Gwen: Oh no. An Ambush? This is so unoriginal!

They escaped from them and they found a clue, it was a Crab Bait Box

Doki: Fico, I don't know about you but we're under attached over here.

Fico: (on walkie talkie) Me too, these crabs are everywhere! The rest of us can't figure out why they're crazy!

Duncan: I know, and there are many crabs bait everyway. They're in a Frenzy

Mike: (on walkie talkie) I guess, someone must be planting it to lure the crabs out of the ocean.

Trent: Okay! Where heading into the town. You keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

Fico: (on walkie talkie) Ok. Over and Out!

They went off to the Dock and they saw Luffy

Gabi: Look, you guys. People!

Fry: Hermes will know what's going on. Come on!

They went off to see him

Luffy: Hey. What are you guys doing? Those monster will find you.

Courtney: What monster?

Luffy: The Giant Sea Monster that lives at the heart of the ghost cruise ship. It's why all these crabs are causing trouble. They're fishing for people!

Gabi: So that explains why the town is empty.

Doki: Maybe we can help you. And what's your name, Captain?


Then another person appeared

Willy: Hey there! Welcome to what's left of Rocky Bay!

Courtney: Hello.

Luffy: This is Seth Angler. Rocky Bay's finest diving instructor.

Doki: Well, Luffy. We'll do our best to find out what's going on.

Luffy: Great! Now go see Willy the Whaler down by the pier. That old man should know about this. And don't tell him about me and my crew that I send you.

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