Constington: Sire, your guests are waiting...

Baron: Yes, yes, almost ready. Hmmm, my moustache could do with a brush. Costington, pass me the brush.

He wasn't looking and someone gave him a brush and he saw a Witch and he run away

Minutes Later


They made it to the Keystone Castle but the Food Festival is closed

Luffy: Oh no. It's closed.

Owen: Oh, no! We're too late. The food festival is over!

Nami: I don't think so, you two.

Ryan: Could be another mystery. We need to get to the castle, and quick!

Sora: Why would people be running from a food festival?

Ryan: Overcooked Broccoli?

Chopper: Yuck!

Sci-Ryan: You all go in. While the rest of us looking around the castle.

Ryan, Sora, Luffy, Chopper, Robin, Usopp, Fry, Bender, Trent, Gwen, Doki and Gabi went inside the castle while the others explore around the Castle

Crash: Ok. We can look for some clues, mate.


Sora and the others meet the Butler

Costington: Young Sires and Madams. Welcome to Keystone Castle, the home of the brave (coughs) cowardly. I am Costington, the castle butler. Your friends have made their way to the dining table (cough) Pigs!


Costington: Oh, do excuse me, madam... slight tickle of the throat.


Costington: Yes, things didn't go quite as the baron had planeed. This is a castle with a dreaded curse.


Costington: That's best explained by the Baron himself. I shall rise you to meet him. (Cough) Bug him.

Then Lady Azani appeared

Azani: Costington! My slippers have lost their fluffiness, fluff them!

Bender: Are you Baronesss, lady?

Azani: Ha! No, Robot. The Baron's my Brother. I am Lady Azani Von Richenstoof named after the great lady of Keystone, and rightfully heir to this castle.


Ryan: My apologies, Ma'am. This chap is with me.

Azani: Ugh. More freeloaders for my brother's stupid Feast I see. Not running off in fright yet?

Luffy: Oh.

Robin: Costington Mention about the castle curse.

Azani: Bravo - Except it's not the castle. It's the Baron - he's cursed, like all the Von Richenstoof men. The Witch Queen will threaten them for us long as they reside in this castle. That is our family's curse.

Usopp: Spirit? Well, luckily we're here to help.

Fry: We should go see the Baron.

Costington: Yes, right this way.

Azani: Fluffy!

Costington: The Courtyard is directly through that passageway. You'll find the Baron there working (cough) Hiding.

Ryan: Something tells me in my spark that it's a game of Hide and Seek, Sora.

Sora: You and me both, Ryan.

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