Holo-Trent: [singing] To win Gwen's heart with the holophonors art, I need hands of transcendental quickness.

Holo-Robot Devil: [singing] Well I don't see any danger, In gambling with a stranger, For my head is of a most amazing thickness.

[He spins the wheel and falls over. The audience laughs. At the back of the room the Robot Devil sees and growls. He stands up.]

Holo-Robot Devil: [singing] I'm stupid, I'm stupid, I'm stupider than you, I'm stupider than you in every way.

[The real Robot Devil jumps onto the stage.]

Robot Devil: Stupider? Pah! This opera's as lousy as it is brilliant! [He kicks the Holo-Robot Devil actor off the stage. The audience gasps. Trent stops playing and the holo-scene fades, leaving the Holo-Trent actor standing on the stage in his underpants.] Your lyrics lack subtlety. You can't just have your characters announce how they feel. That makes me feel angry.

Luffy: What do you really want?

Robot Devil: [singing] I want my hands back. (Laugh)

Trent, Luffy, Brook, Usopp & Chopper: (Singing) Never! A deal is a deal even with a dirty dealer.

Robot Devil: (Singing) Very well, then I'll take what I want from Gwen!

He pull her up to the stage

Robot Devil: (singing) Gwen has promised me her hands

Gwen: (Singing) Trent, you do not understand.

[The music slows down and the spotlight narrows as Gwen walks across the stage.]

Gwen: [singing] I should have revealed I've been deafened by Franky, The shame, The shame, But I feared you'd stop writing this musical splendour, Deception's the curse of my whimsical gender, He gave me mechanical ears, Effective though just a bit garish, In return without shedding a tear, I agreed that I'd give him my hand--

Robot Devil: In Marriage!

All: (Gasp)

Gwen: What?!

Robot Devil: You'd give me your hand in marriage.

Crash: [singing] Is this really happening or just being staged?

Duncan: [singing] It can't be real--

Ryan: [singing] Not if Gwen is engaged.

Gwen: [singing] That isn't what I meant, That isn't what I signed.

[The Robot Devil takes the contract out of his chest cabinet.]

Robot Devil: [singing] You should have checked the wording in the fine... [He makes the contract larger.] Print.

Gwen: [reading] I'll give you my hand...

Gwen & Robot Devil: [singing] In marriage.

Ryan: The use of words expressing something other than their literal intention. Now that is "irony".

[The Robot Devil pulls Sci-Ryan out of his seat and onto the stage.]

Robot Devil: [singing] I will marry her now and confine her to hell, How droll, How droll! Where Styx is a river, And not just a band, Though they'll play our reception if all goes as planned, Unless, Trent, you surrender my hands!

[Trent looks at the hands on his wrists. The spotlight narrows over him.]

Trent: [singing] Destiny has cheated me, By forcing me to decide upon, The woman that I idolise, Or the hands of an automaton, Without these hands I can't complete, The opera that was captivating her, But if I keep them, And she marries him, Then he probably won't want me dating her.

Farnsworth: [singing] I can't believe the devil is so unforgiving.

Zoidberg: [singing] I can't believe everybody's just ad-libbing!

Sci-Ryan: (Singing) By the power vested in me on the stage of New New York.

Luffy: Stop!

Chopper: Trent have something to say!

Trent: Take my hands!

Trent, Luffy, Usopp, Brock & Chopper: (Singing) You evil... metal... DORK!

Trent is crying and Robot Devil chop his hands

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