They finally made it to the Gumbo and Sci-Ryan tried it

Sci-Ryan: Yum.

Then they heard a voice

Gwen: (Voice) Help!

Bender: It's Gwen!

He, Chopper, Fico, Owen, Goofy and Crash went off and Owen accidentally knock the Gumbo off

Sci-Ryan: GUYS!

Usopp: You ruined it!

Fry: How could you! We were gonna eat it!

Chopper: Usopp! Come on!

Usopp: Oh. We'll be right there.

They went off and they saw the Military captured their friends

Courtney: Let go of us, you creep!

Trent: My dad's a Lawyer!

Ryan: So does mine!

Sergent: This is for your own safety, kids!

Then he saw Fry and the others

Soldier: Intruders in the Perimeter!

They ran away from them

Sci-Ryan: Run, you guys!

Usopp: I'm trying!

Then, Sci-Ryan, Usopp, Cody, Otto, Goofy and Fry have trip into and the Mud and they lost their friends

Sci-Ryan: I think we lost them.

Fry: Guys! Where are-

Then he and the others got knock by the tree and seeing stars

Fry: You....

Sci-Ryan: (dizzy) I can defeat you like last time, Xehanort...


Chopper and the others knows that Fry and the others are missing

Chopper: Usopp? Guys? Oh no, we lost them!


Sci-Ryan and the other feel dizzy and the Soldier saw them

Soldier: Look! It's one of them, Zombies.

Soldier 2: Huh? Must have gotten loose.


Someone saw Bender and the others

????: Hey, there. You are fine looking people. Are you looking for someone?

Bender: Yes.

????: Let's say, we go find them.

Fico: Okay!

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