The Cloggersaurus
The Cloggersaurus
is a hybrid dinosaur mixed with a Tyrannosaurus Rex and Stegosaurus.


The Cloggersaurus is a dinosaur with a body of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and spikes of a Stegosaurus. And has huge arms. According to Morley, he states he excises. And he's always looking for something to eat. But then later he admits he made him up. But then The Fallen and Sentinel Prime returned, it chases Mitzi! Then, it finds and chases Skyla, meaning that Morley was right all along! Soon, after the death of the Fallen and Sentinel it appears again, along with the V-Rex. Percy and the Trainbots fight back, but where eventually overpowered. Then, the snow monster who kidnapped Mitzi came for her! And it battles the V-Rex and the Cloggersaurus, the ice monster kills the Cloggersaurus by hitting it's face with a giant rock. And the V-Rex headbutts him to a cliff. But the snow monster grabs the dinosaurs foot, and pulls it down with him, but grabs his foot! And then the V-rex falls to his death when he slides down. Mitzi takes a last look of the beast, before he falls and dies of his major injuries. And Mitzi is later reduced to tears. But Brian states it wasn't the dinosaurs, he says that "It was Mitiz's beauty, who killed the beast".


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