Clone Troopers Phase I

Clone Trooper

Clone Troopers are the soldiers in the prequel Star Wars trilogy.

Role in the series

In the Pooh Star Wars saga, the clone troopers were a battalion of soldiers made from the D.N.A. of an evil bounty hunter named Jango Fett. This was made in part by Darth Sidious for a convuluted gambit which would lead to the destruction of the Jedi Knights. Although the troopers seemed to work for the Jedi in their efforts to defeat the Separatists, their true loyalty was to Sidious, and they gladly obeyed his orders once the number "66" was called for. Eventually, Sidious and Bowser upgraded the clone troopers into Stormtroopers, who still had their unwavering loyalty to the Dark Side. But once the emperor was killed, all the stormtroopers fell to their doom with the destruction of the Death Star. Thankfully for Bowser, he managed to save about 20 stromtroopers.


  • After the Galactic Civil War ended, a group of stormtroopers had the programming of Order 66 reversed with Order 51, making them revert to their old Clone Trooper programming and fight alongside Pooh and the heroes.


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